Later Sons – Rise Up

Later Sons - Rise Up



3.4/5 Pros

  • Good musical skills
  • Straight hard rock recordings Cons

  • Rather monotonous first half
  • Songs are lacking a catch in many cases

Some classic hard rock by a new German band project? I got curious when I ran into Rise Up, the debut album by the band Later Sons. The band has some rather famous band members, so that I felt it is worth to have a deeper listen. Here is my album review of the 21st July 2023 release.


Later Sons – About The Artists

Later Sons are a hard rock band from Northern Germany. The band has been founded after the split up of the band Lioncage by singer Thorsten Bertermann and drummer Torsten Landsberger. After some shifts in the band line-up, they are now a quartet, additionally consisting of Markus Knubbe (guitars) and Arvid Lucas (bass). Recently, the band got an additional drummer, Bülent Sezen.


Later Sons – Rise Up – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 48 minutes.

1. We better run

The album opens with a safe selection. We better run is a steadily marching stadium rock anthem, which is reminding of the 1980’s great acts and comes with a good sing-a-long potential.

2. Never surrender

After this safe play, Never surrender sets the direction of the album: the songs might not be the most complex writes. They are easy, made to party. Unfortunately, this also decreases the memorability of the writes. You enjoy listening to songs like this ones, but you forget about them rather quickly as well. Vice versa, this means that the Later Sons might be a cool act on stage, especially in a supporting role.

3. Lady Rock

Lady Rock introuduces boosts the guitar power slightly and introduces a spirit of glam to the album. The chorus has a nice touch.

4. Follow your dream

Follow your Dream will be the third single taken from Rise Up, released in parallel to the album. The song is a bit more melodic, the speed of the rhythm is very similar to the songs before. Some change would be appreciated. Too much comfort zone recording unfortunately turns to feel monotonous.

5. Last Freedom

Last Freedom is a nice song, which is also giving some new perspective on Later Sons. The bass is more groovy, the melody is more melodic, the hook is nice. It just feels fresh and new. One of my favorite songs on Rise Up. 

6. Rise Up

The title track of the album is, of course, always a song you tend to listen to more intensively. The sound is a bit of slower and more groovy. However, there is overall a bit of brave.I wish it was more snappy, cheeky.

7. Family Affair

Family Affair got what I would have loved to hear from Rise Up. It is a bit more dirty, rough, rocking. The tempo of the songs stays on the same level, which is really a shame. Nonetheless, the song is one of the better ones, also because it nicely illustrates that the instrumental skills and the final mastering of the record lead to quite some potential for this band.

8. Heaven

Heaven might not be the best rock ballad ever, but the song shows that the Later Sons have quite some skills in this one as well. Unfortunately, the listen is the shortest one on the album. The Northern Germans don’t give us more than some two minutes for some romance, emotions and vocals with an acoustic guitar.

9. Hometown Girl

The single release Hometown Girl is the best song of the entire album.A powerful drive, a good chorus – and these guys feel as if there are really hard rocking. Nice one.

10. Eye of the storm

Regarding the catch and the quality Eye of the storm is really close to Hometown Girl. The song has something special and stays in your mind. These songs on Rise Up illustrate that the Later Sons could make it much better with the next album.

11. Good times, bad times

The final song praises the band. Nice write with one of the best (even though: rather easy) choruses of the whole. One of my favorite guitar performances of the album as well.


Later Sons – Rise Up – Spotify

Here is Rise Up on Spotify:


Later Sons – Rise Up – My View

Bad luck – I feel that the Later Sons should have dared to create a wider sound. The songs as such are not bad individually, but especially the first half of Rise Up is missing a certain punch and thrill. There feel to be significantly more promising tunes in the second part of the album. Not a really high rating this time – but I definitely see a positive outlook for the Later Sons.


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