Artificial Eden – Artificial Eden

Artificial Eden - Artificial Eden



3.9/5 Pros

  • Just six songs, but quite nice playtime
  • Very nice play with different moods and elements
  • Overall, very solid musical production

The week before 16th October 2020 will be quite packed with rock and metal albums. There will be two death metal albums as well as a rock release. I will however start the week with a Progressive Metal album review from Artificial Eden, who are coming from Greece. Hope you enjoy.


Artificial Eden – About The Artists

Artificial Eden is a Greek band, which already existed in 2003. They went through many changes – but now, the band seemed to have consolidated and are going to release their first full-length album. The band is a trio, consisting of Rob Lundgren, Antonis Panagopoulos and Thanos Paparidis.


Artificial Eden – Artificial Eden – Track by Track

The album just includes six tracks, but lasts 43 minutes.

1. Artificial Eden

The title track of the album? A song about the band? The starter of this six track album is a lovely, melodic metal track, very nicely composed with different elements. Artificial Eden takes quite some time for purely instrumental parts as well – overall a nice setup taking some six minutes of duration.

2. Thoughts

Thoughts is a bit harder, but overall, it underlines the band strong musical potential. Time for some head-banging, Hellas style!

3. Poor Desire

Poor Desire was a song released before the album – and as it is the only track shorter than five minutes, it purely feels like an appetizer. I felt that in this track, the vocals are just weaker than in other tracks of the album – overall, Artificial Eden anyway convinces me better in their instrumental and melodic elements.

4. Lies Between The Lines

Lies Between The Lines starts a bit like a ballad, but these guitars just cannot play soft tunes for 7:14 minutes. Overall this second-longest song of the album is my least favorite one – just because its story and dramturgy feels flatter and weaker than other tracks.

5. Day of Tears

Overall, Day of Tears is a quiet song. There are some metal elements and the guitars roar here and there, but overall, the track is rather melancholic and deep. It is also the track at which I like the combination of voice and melody most. Cool one!

6. Land of Depression

If you are still asking yourself how six tracks can sum up to 43 minutes – the final track of the album is the key factor for this. If you want to listen to Land of Depression from beginning to end, you should at least have 12:25 minutes for free. The song can – of course – be split into different chapters and sectors – even though the guitars are playing a stronger role towards the end, the song is rather a softer one on this album.


Artificial Eden – Artificial Eden – Spotify

Here is Artificial Eden:


Artificial Eden – Artificial Eden – My View

Artificial Eden is a really solid production. The band plays with different elements in their songs, which typically works out quite fine. Even the longer songs do not tend to become boring. If you like melodic and symphonic sounds in hard rock and metal, you should dare to give these Greeks a try. They do their own sound – that will be a huge factor of success. in Greece

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