Motionless In White – Scoring The End Of The World

Motionless in White - Scoring The End Of The World



3.8/5 Pros

  • Wide range of metalcore songs
  • Some very good and catching tracks Cons

  • Some too average tracks
  • A few tracks try to push for a too high dramatic level

Just one week after I featured Motionless In White in my weekly edition of Songs of the Week, the band is back with a full album. Scoring The End Of The World contains thirteen songs and has been released on 10th June 2022. Here is my full review.


Motionless in White – About The Artists

Motionless is a US heavy metal and metalcore band. The started to do music together in 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The band name refers to the nick name of band leader, singer and founding member Chris Motionless CerulliHe is also the only member left of the initial member. Nowadays, the band is a quintet, including Ryan Sitkowski (bass), Ricky Horror Olson (guitars, co-lead vocals), bassist Justin Morrow and drummer Vinny Mauro. While the band initially was successful in the USA only, they more and more became a global success. Especially the 2017 album Graveyeard Shift, their fourth one overall, made it into the charts of several European countries, but also Canada and AustraliaScoring the End of the World is overall the sixth studio album by Motionless in White.


Motionless in White – Scoring The End Of The World – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 50 minutes.

1. Meltdown

The album opens with a beautiful, straight metalcore track. Meltdown is definitely one of the finest listens of the album. Synth sound, alternative rock parts, growling and stomping work on the drums and the bass drive this very versatile one. The album could not start more promising.

2. Sign Of Life

Sign Of Life is straighter, does not work that drastically with breaks within the song. The sound is stronger towards industrial metal sounds – overall, the track feels to be rather ordinary and average after the bombastic opener.

3. Werewolf

Back to horror, the Werewolf is howling right at the beginning of this third song. It has an almost cinematic quality. Sometimes, you rather feel to listen to a musical dime novel with a too high level on emotions than to a Hollywood blockbuster. Nonetheless, Werewolf is a nice listen to me.

4. Porcelain

Porcelain is one of the most remarkable recordings of the album to be. Very fragile, very personal. Even towards the end, when the band is using more metalcore elements, the song is overall keeping a very special atmosphere.

5. Slaughterhouse (feat. Bryan Garris)

Motionless In White musically travel to the Slaughterhouse with Bryan Garris, singer of Knocked Loose. The “heaviness”-level is pushed forward and the potential to work with two vocalists is adding a lot of quality and recall value to this one.

6. Masterpiece

Interesting: the Masterpiece of this album was simply missing in my press package. Bad luck, as the over six million times streamed single release has been very popular among the fans, obviously. A 3:26 minutes metal ballad – and this time, the Americans don’t do it that kitschy

7. Cause Of Death

Like at quite a bunch of the songs on this disc, Cause Of Death comes with a chorus, which even has some potential for (rather mainstream) radio airplay. However, the verses would likely cause too many accidents when people listen to it on the rush hour. Motionless In White enjoy growling and let the guitar speak at full force. Cool track.

8. We Become The Night

We Become The Night is the 2022 guarantee that you can play Motionless in White on your next rock party. A song which is made to have fun with.

9. Burned At Both Ends II

This song is more on the dramatic-cinematic side again. However, it does not come with the precision of other songs of the album. Nice one, but not overwhelmingly special.

10. Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave: Corpse Nation

B.F.B.T.G. stands for Broadcasting From Beyong The Grave – a classic category on Motionless in White album. The album continues with the theatric style – however, this one has a lot of power and speed and thus will have quite some fans among the listeners.

11. Cyberhex

The eleventh track is rather heading towards mid-tempo. Some parts even feel a bit of majestic to me. Overall, the song is a nice one with a good chorus, but not in very top range.

12. Red, White & Boom (feat. Caleb Shomo)

The album closes with two collaborations. For Red, White & Boom, Motionless In White is supported by Caleb Shomo from Beartooth. A good song, which is lacking some special elements in my point of view.

13. Scoring The End Of The World (feat. Mick Gordon)

As I recently featured this one with Mick Gordon on already, it is not too surprising that I like the closing track. It feels a bit of weaker in the context of the album to me, though. The band composed some songs on this even better than on this recent single release.


Motionless in White – Scoring The End Of The World – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Motionless in White – Scoring The End Of The World – My View

If you like metalcore, Scoring The End Of The World is a good listen. Motionless in White try to create their signature sound using very different musical elements – which I absolutely appreciate. Neither a must-listen nor a Top Pick! – but a really solid listen.


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