Most Travel Postings on a Map

This page allows you to browse you most travel postings on a Google Map. You can access postings directly by clicking on the icons and then on the text box, which will pop up. For easier navigation, you may opt to click on the fullscreen mode button.

This map contains all postings, which represent a certain geographic location and where I do not expect to have multiple postings for the same place, location. This means, you currently do not find:
  • Any flights, rail rides or road trips (apart from mountain trains or cable cars with a comparably short distance)
  • CD Reviews of any kind
  • Concert Reviews and Sports Reports (as I will likely visit the same venue again and again)
  • Posting which do not represent a location, e.g. Food, Music Blogging or similar.
I a using Google Maps for this display of postings. The maps are copyrighted by Google – is owning a licence to use them. Any screenprints etc. may touch the copyrights of Google.
Icons Used

I used the following icons on the map: