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Similar to Featured Artists on the music side, I present you my Featured Clubs in here on the sports side of  Featured clubs are typically clubs which I visit rather frequently and have a long-lasting relationship with. Most of them are also have certain special crush in my heart. I typically try to do rather frequent coverage related to these teams. – List of Featured Clubs

Here are the sports teams and federations which frequently appear on Most of them are related to floorball, but I will expand this in the near future The sort order is alphabetical by the full club name:


DJK Holzbüttgen

When I started playing floorball back in my home Rheinland region, Holzbüttgen, a borough of Kaarst near Dusseldorf, was just a small local club. Excellent management and a great home match atmosphere turns it into a place I love to visit. I did not make it to the club in the 2023/24 season, but I am sure to be back soon.


Dümptener Füchse

The Dümptener Füchse story is a similar one like the DJK Holzbüttgen one. The team from Mülheim an der Ruhr in the German Ruhrgebiet region is doing exceptional work on the youth side and more and more turns that into German top level floorball success. Especially in women’s floorball, they are one of the best clubs in the country. I have huge respect for their effort.


Floorball Deutschland (German Floorball Federation)

Even though the collaboration has been significantly fading in the last years, there are still strong mental bonds between me and the German Floorball Federation, Floorball Deutschland. Reports tagged as Floorball Deutschland ones feature sports reports and other contents about the German floorball national teams.


Indian Tennis

In the 1990’s, Leander Paes made me introduce to one of my deepest passions in sports. Players like Rohan Bopanna nowadays still keep it alive. Indian tennis is indeed my passion in that sports, I am especially a fan of doubles tennis (where India is still one of the top nations at the time I introduce the Featured Clubs to Strictly speaking, the players are no part of a club or a national team (even though I especially do national team coverage). But under the Indian Tennis tag, I flag all match postings and other contents related to Indian tennis players.


Magyar Floorball Szakszövetseg (Hungarian Floorball Federation)

What India is in tennis is Hungary in floorball. Since the later 2000’s, I am having strong bonds to the Hungarian floorball national teams, especially on the women’s side. Even though they might not have reached their full potential all the time, I just love my team – even if they face Germany. Thus, they just have to be on the Featured Clubs list.


Pittsburgh Penguins

I would nowadays even rate the Pittsburgh Penguins over the Kölner Haie, the professional ice hockey team of my home town Cologne. The Pens are a special Featured Club, as I realistically will never have a report of one of their matches.Nonetheless, there is quite some contents related to the Steel City ice hockey team in here – and they are thus absolutely a part of my Featured Clubs.


Pixbo IBK

Especially in the years, I rather frequently featured matches of Puxbo IBK from Gothenburg, which used to be called Pixbo Wallenstam IBK in the past. With great and interesting players like Swiss Lara Heini, they are still in my heart.


SB-Pro Nurmijärvi

Even though trips to Finland are always a bit more bothering than to other European countries – if I would have to name my favorite floorball club, this just would have to be SB-Pro Nurmijärvi. The team located Northwest of Helsinki made me fall in love by having the amazing Kujala sisters in their line-up, but I still follow them closely. Even if some seasons, I simply struggle managing to arrange a trip to the European North.


SSF Dragons Bonn

In fact, the SSF Dragons Bonn are the only Featured Club I have been actively playing for. However, my career there was rather short and not worth talking about too much. Much more valuable than that tiny piece of floorball history is their great effort at home matches and the way they integrate young players to the club.


Suomen Salibandyliitto (Finnish Floorball Federation)

I always liked traveling to Finland. And I loved it even more when it comes to floorball. That also creates a special bond in me to the Finnish floorball national teams. I just felt it is right to put them into this list of special coverage focus on


Svensk Innebandyförbundet (Swedish Floorball Federation)

Sweden is the dominating country in floorball. No country is even close in the level of professionalism. Thus, I frequently run into Swedish national teams and also do feature them on explicitly.


Swiss Unihockey

Finally, Switzerland is much more than the easiest travel option for me if I want to see top level floorball. even had a Swiss domain and I have been at the country frequently. Even though I just cannot make it that often, the Swiss national teams are always special to me, also because I have quite a bunch of lovely contacts in the Swiss floorball scene.


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