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Dogma - Dogma



4.9/5 Pros

  • Great blend of hard rock and metal sounds
  • Very entertaining album
  • Nice storytelling

On their website and social media, the band Dogma states Who are we? A religion? A band? A sect? A cult? A movement? We are what you want us to be… We can. I am not sure whether my album review helps to answer that question – but I can at least tell you if the quartet does good music. The album release date of their self-titled long-play is 17th November 2023. It is Dogma’s debut album.



Dogma – About The Artists

Dogma are an all-female hard rock and metal quartet. They signed their record deal in 2022. Unfortunately, there is just very limited information about the band. The artist names of the band members are Lilith (vocals), Larnia (guitar), Nixe (bass) and Abrahel (drums). They typically are dressed up similar to nuns on stage. so far, the ladies released four singles, all of them can be found on Dogma.


Dogma – Dogma – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Forbidden Zone

The bio behind the four ladies leaves a lot of space for rumors and interpretation – so let their music speak. The album’s opener Forbidden Zone is at least well-known already, as the band released it as a single already. The song has a nice drive and good power. The sound reminds me a bit of my Finnish favorites Lordi, moving between melodic hard rock and metal. The accent on the vocal part is disturbing here and there, unformation. Nonetheless, the song is a really cool one.

2. Feel The Zeal

Let’s see if you really Feel The Zeal of Dogma while listening to the second song of the album. To make it short: there is a lot of power in their song again. The track is more melodic and rather on the rock side than a metal song. With the chorus latest, they catch me and I move to the stomping drums.

3. My First Peak

Back to the Lordi feeling – the xylophone-alike sounds and the weird voice in the intro of My First Peak could definitely be taken from a track by the Finnish monsters. The develish nuns are a bit more on the hard rock side with this song again. The theatric performance is amazingly underlined by Lilith’s great work on the microphone. And: if you don’t like this chorus, you don’t like rock music. Perfect song to sing along with the band.

4. Made Her Mine

The album had three (comparably) softer rockers – time to please the metalheads again. Made Her Mine has a lot of speed, the song overall comes with a melodic metal style. Again, the quartet is doing a perfect, catching melodic chorus – and the bridge is a melodic treat as well.

5. Carnal Liberation

There was a background choir in Made Her Mine already – and this time, there are male voices, you lead into the chorus of Carnal Liberation. The previous single release is the darkest listen of the album so far. Definitely a treat for metalheads.

6. Free Yourself

Is this one be some sort of power ballad? The rather slow song, which opens with a choral theme, feels to suggest it. However, the song has some rather rocking elements. In the bridge part, the band is surprising with brass, jazz-style elements and a rather quiet themes, before they put on the rock firework again.

7. Bare To The Bones

Very melodic and a bit of nostalgic, that’s the sound of Bare To The Bones. Again, the stanzas suggest a rather emotional ballad, but towards the chorus, the band is developing more speed and energy. Feel my heat, brother, burn, my sweet lover – not sure if that romance is ending up well for all parties involved.

8. Make Us Proud

Make us Proud is a very melodic, hymnic track. I have to admit that I like the atmosphere it is creating, but overall, the song is not as catching and present as other listens in here. However, the duet-style on the vocal side is really nice.

9. Pleasure From Pain

The church bells are ringing, the choir is singing a requiem to open for Pleasure From Pain. However, the guitars and stomping drums are taking over control quickly and lead into this 5:31 minute song. The rather wide arrangement makes you feel that there is an orchestra supporting Dogma. One of the most dramatic and theatric songs of the album, which is an absolute treat.

10. Father I Have Sinned

After having listened to the ladies for nine songs already, the message Father I Have Sinned does not feel too surprising any more. The melodic hard rocker nicely connects to the similar songs at the beginning of Dogma. Thumbs (or better: devil’s horns) up from my side.

11. The Dark Messiah

The Dark Messiah is closing Dogma’s debut album. No one will stop me, I am the prophet are the first words of this chucker-out. There is a lot of pathos around the band and their marketing strategy – so that this message just feels to be suitable and perfect. I love the plot of the song, which leads to a perfect finale.


Dogma – Dogma – Spotify

Here is Dogma on Spotify:



Dogma – Dogma – My View

This debut album contains a lot of great stuff. I might be a bit of balanced as the ladies so much remind me of my dear Finnish super-monsters. But that also means they deliver good stories, good sounds – and a lot of rock and mental entertainment. Fantastic one.

Favorite Song: Father I Have Sinned


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