Jimmie Allen – Bettie James EP

Jimmie Allen - Bettie James



4.8/5 Pros

  • Seven great songs
  • Amazing collaborations like Charley Pride
  • Very different sounds and chracters

The German fans loved Jimmie Allen at his Berlin C2C 2020 performances. The more, I looked forward to his second EPBettie James is a very special one, as Allen collaborates with other artists in all of the songs. The name is honoring two relatives of Jimmie: Bettie is the name of his grandmother, while Allen’s father is named James. The EP has been released on 10th July 2020.

Jimmie Allen – About The Artist

James Edward Allen was born on 18th June 1986 in Milton, Delaware. He decided to move to Nashville at the age of 21. He lived there out of this car and also failed to make it into advanced rounds of America’s Got Talent and Americal Idol. In 2016, singing at Broken Bow Records turned his career into better. Even though there was a lot of criticism on his music, his debut single Best Shot already topped the US Country Airplay and the Canadian Country Charts. In 2018, he also recorded his debut (and so far: only) album, Mercury Lane, which peaked at the 11th spot in the chart. A 2019 single, Make Me Want To also topped the Airplays. After a self-titled debut EP, Bettie James is Allen’s second Extended Play.


Jimmie Allen – Bettie James – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 23 minutes.

1. Good Times Roll (feat. Nelly)

The EP starts powerful, makes you want to party. To make the story short: it is a great song. Like that one, definitely!

2. Drunk and I Miss You (feat. Mickey Guyton)

The collaboration with Mickey Guyton even has a strong touch of R&B and Soul music. Cool duet.

I’m a little drunk and I miss you
I’m a little lonely, that’s all
I’m a little too gone to not to
And I’m sorry to call
But your name on my screen is
Staring back at me
And most nights it ain’t an issue
But baby tonight
I’m a little drunk and I miss you
I’m a little drunk and I miss you, yeah

3. Made For These (feat. Tim McGraw)

The plot of this song is very similar to the track before – this time, Time McGraw is of course not giving too much of that souly Mickey Guyton touch. More Tim McGraw, more ranchy.

4. Freedom Was A Highway (feat. Brad Paisley)

I have to give in: after the first fifteen, twenty seconds, I felt this track could be a miss. But luckily, there were some three minutes left – and that collaboration with Brad Paisley turns out to become a real beauty. Cool!

5. Why Things Happen (feat. Charley Pride & Darius Rucker)

Okay, there is just one question about this song: do you have to fall on your knees and praise the God of Country Music why you listen to Why Things Happen or not? Jimmie Allen, Darius Rucker and the super-legend himself, Charley Pride. What a line-up for this song. A brilliant track just feels appropriate (and mandatory) for it.

6. When This Is Over (feat. The Oak Ridge Boys)

Oh, oh, oh ’cause right now all I got is time
To think about the bottom line
What I have, where I stand
How I live, who I am
I hope these hard times make me better and not just older
When this is over

It is just amazing how much character the Oak Ridge Boys can add to a song. Great vocal talents feel to take you on a journey of musical atmosphere. Jimmie Allen is the captain. I just enjoy that cruise!

7. This Is Us (feat. Noah Cyrus)

This song has been released some months ago – so we already know: the project Bettie James just cannot go wrong. The seventh and last track is just so good. Lay back, close your eyes, enjoy!


Jimmie Allen – Bettie James – Spotify

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Jimmie Allen – Bettie James – Track by Track

Okay, Jimmie. You did it right. You did it damn right. What a fantastic collection of sounds. What a variety of atmospheres. Sometimes, you need to add these kind of artists who give a little extra to your songs. This is not an act of weakness, just of being smart. This album is a smart set of songs. Smart compositions. A superb range of tracks. At the moment, you are just Nummer 3 on stage, if you sing with Darius Rucker and Charley Pride. If you go on like that, the ranking may change one day. As one of these steps, you definitely deserve the Top Pick! status on this song. – The Best in Media

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