Durry – Suburban Legend

Durry - Suburban Legend



4.6/5 Pros

  • Straight rock album
  • Great storytelling of "real life stories"

You did not know the band Durry? Me neither, before I ran into their debut full length albumSuburban Legend. The band is in fact formed by siblings and is just active since a few years. You can listen to their set of songs from 8th September 2023 onward.


Durry – About The Artists

Durry have been formed in 2020. Their band members are Austin and Taryn Durry. The siblings grew up in Burnsville, Minnesota. However, especially Austin had musical background and played in a band for twelve years. They boosted crowdfunding campaigns to pay for their first single releases by very successful activity on social media, especially TikTok. The two versions of their most successful song so far, Who’s Laughing Now sum up to over 5 million streams on Spotify only.


Durry – Suburban Legend – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Coming of Age

The album starts with the typical modem connection sounds – can you still remember them? Much more interesting than the nostalgic sounds is the reference in the press kit, where the band is seeing their song as an indie rock intake of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5. Very straight and modern rock listen, love it.

2. Who’s Laughing Now

The press notes to the album is really interesting – about the second song they state that Who’ Laughing Now has already been trending in online music stores. The song is slightly slower than the opener. The song is also having some nice sing-a-long qualities.

3. Hasta La Vista Baby

I love the topics Durry chose to write songs about. The press kit states about this song Remember that douchebag jock that peaked in high school? The ultra macho guy desperately trying to hide his insecurities? This song is inspired by that guy’s Facebook post 10 years later [….]. The result is a very catchy, melodic recording with a cool chorus – the times, they are changing…

I know I’m not the hero
I bet You’re not one either
I guess We’re both somewhеre in the middle

4. TKO

This song is about the first date of Austin and his future wife. They met at Taco Bell – the song is about feeling inadequate for meeting a being like her. The date seemed to have been a good one, he married that quesadilla date – and wrote a pretty cool, laid back song with a nice groove about it.

5. Worse For Wear

A little bit scared
A little underprepared
A little too self-aware
You always said it would get better when we’re older
Now we’re just big kids living in an old man’s world

The range of topics on this album is really remarkable. This one is about adulting, fearing the challenges that lie ahead, like buying a house. That’s maybe the strength of a sibling act like this one – they share many stories of their. The song is having a strong presence of keys and high guitar notes. The vocal performance by Austin beautifully underlines the struggle.

6. I’m Fine (No Really)

Again, it’s nice to have a look at the additional documentation I received, which states the phrase the world’s most common lie. I could not agree more. The song with its strumming guitar work does have a nice blending of indie rock and folk music, I swear I’m fine, oh really, I’m fine – Durry does everything in this song that you just cannot believe that this is really the case.

7. Mall Rat

The album reflects a lot of life situations. Mall Rat, for example is reflecting the time of teenage jobbing in a local t-shirt store. We were just sixteen, daydreaming – the song is having a nice, rebellious, straight rock sound. One of my favorite songs, as the sound so nicely matches the story of the song.

8. Little Bit Lonely

Starting with some synth sounds (which feel like a retro video game sound), the song has a slightly soppy touch – at least compared to the other songs of the album. It feels like the last day of your childhood – I love the way Austin and Taryn put emotions into metaphors.

9. Losers Club

While some of the previous songs rather reflect teenage and young adult situation, the Losers Club is about the breakup of Austin’s band at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Pack it in, give it up, and let it go
You’ll only be the winner of the losers club”
Is what the cool kids say when the going gets too tough
So I laugh it off, live it up, and let it slide
I light a cigarette and try another time
What’s the point of living if you never strive for more?
But I’m not keeping score

The song was actually the first single release of the duo – and it already reflects the straight, cool songwriting you find in many songs of the album.

10. Trauma Queen

In the context of the album, Trauma Queen strikes as it comes with an altered style, feels a bit more nostalgic. The song also works a bit more with synth elements. I like the really nice vibe of the rather calm sound.

11. Suburban Legend

The title track of the album is almost hiding in the second last spot of the album. The rather angry and energetic song is about leaving the suburban structures you have been used to live in for all of your life so far. We’re gonna drive till the engine dies. A very nicely rocking road trip song.

12. Encore

The debut album of Durry closes with the Encore. The song was inspired the depressions of a friend of the siblings. The ballad-alike song is an amazing write at the end of the album, beautifully reflecting all the (unrealistic) hope for a silver lining. Great one.


Durry – Suburban Legend – Spotify

Here is Suburban Legend on Spotify:


Durry – Suburban Legend – My View

Suburban Legend is an impressing album full of great stores and great writes. I really enjoyed listening to the Durry siblings. Especially if you like modern indie rock with a touch of punk attitude, you definitely should give these guys a listen.


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