Last In Time – Too Late

Last In Time - Too Late



4.4/5 Pros

  • Straight classic rock album
  • Nice variety of songs and sounds

After Christmas break, there is quite a bunch of interesting music on the weekend as of 12th January 2024. One is a debut album by the band Last In Time, who have been originally founded as a studio band. They headed towards melodic progressive and classic rock sound, sharing their nine song release Too Late with us. I had a listen.


Last In Time – About The Artists

Last in Time has been founded by Massimo Marchetti. He is the songwriter, producer and arranger of the songs behind Last In Time. He also recorded the guitars. Two musicians can be found on all songs of the album, bassist Luca Nicolasi and drummer Giacomo Calabria. Another key musician is Igor Piattesi, who is also active on the majority of songs as a lead vocalist. On top of that, the band is working with multiple guest musicans, like Caterina Minguzzi, who is for example the guest musician on the second single release, Moonlight Dreamers. Apart from two feature song releases from the album itself, the Italian band did not release any other songs so far.


Last In Time – Too Late – Track by Track

The nine song album lasts 45 minutes.

1. The Way To Rock

One of the two feature singles, The Way To Rock, is opening the debut album. The Italians present a very straight classic rocker, which definitely gives a good feeling for rock music fans. Maybe not recorded to become an all-time classic, but a good opener with a nice, catching chorus.

2. How Long?

Is it really a good sign if the Italians are already asking How Long? in their second song? The duration of the song (5:19 minutes) is just about average for this album. The song starts with some powerful riffs and a clear base drum driving the instrumental part. In the stanzas, however, Igor Piattesi is also some more gentle and quiet moment. I feel that the opener is having a stronger catch, this one feels sometimes a bit too complicated.

3. Road To Redemption

Hopefully, you don’t identify this one as your favorite. The 38 second interlude is just a short intermission to relax before the remaining set of songs.

4. Believer In Love

This interlude track nicely leads into Believer In Love, where Piattesi and Minguzzi give you a beautiful rock ballad. Emotional, a bit of kitschy, the song has a nice sway, which remind of folk music. I really enjoy it. The chorus has a lot of potential for a sing-a-long with the band.

5. Moonlight Dreamers

Moonlight Dreamers is the song right in the middle of the album. It initially feels like a perfect showcase for bassist Nicolaisi, but then Minguzzi is more and more taking over the lead. The female vocalist adds a lovely performance as the solo vocalist in this song. Still definitely being a classic rocker, the song adds a lot of variety to Too Late and thus definitely fixed a spot right in my listener’s heart.

6. The Animal

Classic rock also somehow means that you do have to record some really epic listens, doesn’t it? The next two song are both about seven minutes long. The Animal is the hardest and roughest song of the album so far. However, it still comes with a rather moderate speed, so that it does not need the equivalently named musician from The Muppets Show on the drums. A bit of dirty and raunchy – that’s rock’n’roll!

7. Too Late

The chorus of the 7:13 minute title track could also be the basis for a cool power ballad. However, the band is rather using it as a showcase for their instrumental qualities. Especially Marchetti on the guitars does have some focus in the massive solo part. On the vocal side, Piattesi is showing one of his most impressive performances. Or, to make it shorter: Too Late definitely deserves to be the title and thus also focus song of the album.

8. Mr. Fantastic

With 4:33 minutes, the eighth song almost feels a bit of compact. With this one, Last im Time present a very narrative listen, which is especially adding some new aspects of the Italian band on the lyric and vocal side. The song comes with nice dialogues between the main vocal and the backing vocal side. I also love the keyboard play by Andrea Lo Verde, who is a guest musician only for this track.

9. Winter In May

Hmm, we might have to wait four more months until we are in the full magic of the song. The album closes with this lovely and a bit of melancholic ballad, in which Mirko Marchetti is doing a lovely work on the vocal side. Beautiful listen.


Last In Time – Too Late – Spotify

Here is Too Late on Spotify:


Last In Time – Too Late – My View

The album is a really nice listen. Some songs are good, the single releases and some tracks towards the end of the song have a very nice touch. The album finishes with the faith of any good classic rock band: once they record a proper ballad, here Winter in May, you just have to fall in love with their music. Last In Time does not feel to be no exception in here – and thus sail with their rocking guitars right into my Top Pick! ratings.

Favorite Song: Winter in May


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