She Bites – Super Hero

She Bites - Super Hero



3.6/5 Pros

  • Very nice classic rock setup
  • Some really strong tracks, esp. in first half Cons

  • Weak(er) second part of the album

She Bites is a German band doing classic rock. After they had a well-reviewed debut album two years ago, they are now reaching out to be a Super Hero – that’s at least the title of their second album. Release date is 22nd July 2022.


She Bites – About The Artists

She Bites is a rock band from Hamburg. The quartet has been founded by guitarist Lars König and drummer Carsten Kohl. The two other band members are singer Marion Welch and bassist Arvid Lucas. In 2020, they released their debut album Joyride, which received quite some positive critics.


She Bites – Super Hero – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 45 minutes.

1. Eye Of The Storm

A band you don’t know? Which did not have a big song yet? Just their second album? What’s a better way to persuade you of She Bites than a song like this opener? Powerful, straight, good classic rocker.

2. Little Song

After the energetic opener, the first seconds of Little Song suggest a rather ballad-ish listen. However, the electric guitar just need a few moments to warm up. The second song is staying a bit of shy rock power and rather stays a mid-tempo pop-rocker – but it is definitely an enjoyable ditty.

3. Hunter

The first part of Hunter is rather a showcase for basisst Arvid Lucas, who is creating a nice groove in this song. I really love listening to this one, especially due to its very unique melody line.

4. Runnin’

I keep on running, away from all the screaming, all that noise. The chorus of this single release definitely stays in your mind. I also love the groovy, style with its sudden changes in rhythm. Well done!

5. Never Ending Story

Never Ending Story is also contrasting between the soft, gentle, almost too fluffy verses and the straight and rocking chorus. Again, the Hamburg band creates an own musical signature. Great effort.

6. True Love (feat. Dan Reed)

The Dan Reed Network from Portland is quite a big name in classic rock and funk rock. The more, it feels surprising to spot their band lead as a guest musician on this album. His voice adds a lot to True Love, which due to that support turns into a lovely rock duet with Marion Welch. Great listen.

7. Crazy

Crazy comes with a lot of rock power. The chorus is a bit of slower, feels like a rock hymn. Therefore Carsten Kohl drives the band to a full power performance in verses. Good one.

8. Super Hero

The title song Super Hero is as well the longest song of the album. The song is one of the slower tracks of the album, the electric guitars are strumming at moderate speed. Therefore, the song comes with a nice groove, Marion Welch does a very inspiring job on the microphone. Not the most present song on the album – but the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy the listen.

9. Holy Ground

From the Super Hero to the Holy Ground: the first notes of the songs sound like the title track to the third part of the Top Gun series. The song has a lot of drive and power and also uses scattered synth sounds. Can someone call Maverick, please?

10. Ghost

Ghost is a nice track, which works with piano sounds as well as guitar power. However, the song cannot connect to the quality of other tracks of the album to me.

11. Out In The Open

Out In The Open comes with a very different signature. The mid-tempo track has a very present rhythm, even the vocals feel to give the drumming the key presence, especially in the verses. Bad luck that the chorus is just average and cannot add something special to this very interesting listen.

12. Say It

Say It finishes the Super Hero album. The song especially stays in your mind due to the rather fast and intense groove and the guitar solo. Almost a bit of hectic – has the studio been too expansive?


She Bites – Super Hero – Spotify

Here is Super Hero on Spotify:


She Bites – Super Hero – My View

Overall, I really like Super Hero. Unfortunately, the album does come with some weak spots, especially during the second half of the tracks. I would love to have two, three more really good songs in here. Nonetheless, She Bites is a band worth keeping in mind.


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