Chayce Beckham – Doin’ It Right EP

Chayce Beckham - Doin' It Right



4.2/5 Pros

  • Six very good songs
  • Characteristic voice
  • Great stories Cons

  • Some similarities in a few songs.

From ABC to the world of country music: Chayce Beckham did big in a TV talent show and is now presenting his debut EP: on 15th April 2022, the well-reputed artist published Doin’ It Right. Here is my review.


Chayce Beckham – About The Artist

Chayce Beckham is a country singer-songwriter from Apple Valley, California, USA. He became famous as the winner of the 19th season (i.e. in 2021) of American Idol. His debut single 23 stormed on the top of the US country digital charts. Another 2021 release, Can’t Do Without Me alongside Lindsay Ell was an remarkable airplay success.


Chayce Beckham – Doin’ It Right – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 21 minutes.

1. Where The River Goes

The first out of six tracks of the album is definitely promising. Beckham’s raspy voice leads to a recall value – and the catching melody tops up this effect. Nice country song with a nice vibe and rock elements.

2. Doin’ It Right

The title track of Beckham’s debut is located on the second position. The song is a slow starter, but the chorus is quite energetic. A typical Nashville signature, but a good listen.

3. Tell Me Twice

One thing I really like about this EP: there is only one song out of six which is known to country music fans already. That song is Tell Me Twice. The track is a modern country song, which does not lead to too many surprises. Just a really nice listen based on a good vocal and instrumental performance.

4. I’ll Take The Bar

I’ll Take The Bar is a nice story, which is a good four minutes listen. Definitely an interesting  way to elaborate on the dividing everything (including favorite places) after a break-up topic. On the melodic side, the song is less innovative after you had three Beckham songs already.

5. Talk To Me

The more I listened to the EP, the more Talk To Me became one of my favorites. A slower, very emotional song with a nice style and atmosphere.

6. Love To Burn

The last song of the EP is likely the most charismatic one. The song has an immense presence and is a nice track if you just want to listen to Chayce Beckham – or if you want to have a great party at one of his concerts. Really nice farewell from this debut EP.


Chayce Beckham – Doin’ It Right – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Chayce Beckham – Doin’ It Right – My View

I do see some weak spots here and there – but I more than that see a lot of strong features. Mostly, Chayce Beckham is Doin’ It Right (is there a review of this publication without using that word play?). After being boosted by the TV presence and his two big single releases, this feels like the next big step. Some more should follow, though.


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