Hammerfall – Dominion

Hammerfall - Dominion



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very straight and good hard rock sound
  • Nice songs Cons

  • A touch of monotony
  • Not many really good songs

Sometimes, is covering quite a range of topics within one day: while I started the day with the review of the latest album of country music legend Tracy Lawrence, Hammerfall is definitely also a big name in music business, but in a much harder genre. The Swedish Power Metal band released their new album just on the same. It is called Dominion.


Hammerfall – About the Band

The roots of the Swedish band are already in the early 1990s. A first success was reaching the semifinals of a nation-wide rock music competition in 1996. One year later, the band published their first studio album, Glory To The Brave, which had a decent chart entry. With their third album, the year 2000 Renegade, the band definitely made it. They topped the Swedish charts and made it to the German Top 20. From that on, none of the following seven studio albums had a lower highest chart position than sixth place in the Sweden. The last four albums also made it to the Top 10 in Germany.

However, there is one musician left of the original Hammerfall crew: Oscar Dronjak plays the guitar since the very beginning. Singer Joacim Cans is on stage for Hammerfall since 1996. Hearts on Fire is likely the most well-known track of the band. The best chart placement in singles charts, though, was the 2005 Blood Bound, which made it to fifth place in Sweden.

Hammerfall – Dominion – Track by Track

Dominion is a twelve track album. The playtime is roughly 50 minutes.

1. Never Forgive, Never Forget

The first track of Hammerfall’s 2019 album, Never Forgive, Never Forget is the longest on the album. Nevertheless, it does not use the time to catch me. Not the musical amuse gueule you want to have at the beginning of a metal dinner (at least in my point of view…).

2. Dominion

After I have not been that pleased with the title track, I do definitely like the title track of the albu, Dominion. Nice rock sound – and of course, a slice of hell needs to be in any good metal song:

The purge of God, banished to Hell
Angelic hordes and a warrior
The chosen one, will brave the storm
Awake, arise and claim the throne

3. Testify

The perpetual shouting the word “Testify” might make this song one of the highlights when the Swedes are back on stage later this year (see below). Nice, speedy, melodic song, definitely. However, some parts have a touch to become slightly boring.

4. One Against The World

Templars of the world
Victorious immortals
Thunder up your souls
Rebel and shout out loud

I am not really sure why the band pre-published this track. I feel that the chorus and verses are not the top choice of the album. However, the guitars are strong.

5. (We Make) Sweden Rock

Okay, that’s what you call an anthem. Lovely metal sound, a bit of patriotism. In addition you create the perfect teaser for the annual festival in Hammerfall’s home country. Congrats, this is how to do commercial music. I like the track at the beginning, feel it gets weaker towards the end.

6. Second To One

Rockers are just very good when they do ballads, even though it hurts. Second to One is not that much of a classic, but definitely a nice song, which gets slightly harder in the second half.

7. Scars Of A Generation

Another track in which I feel it is amazing what the two guitars, Pontus Norgren and Oscar Dronjak are doing. It is a bit of great background music. Scars Of A Generation is too close to other songs on the album and thus does not add too much value to it.

8. Dead by Dawn

You will be dead by dawn
When the bells of hell strike six, six, six
You will be dead by dawn
Say your prayers and grab your crucifix
You will be dead by dawn
Now the bells of hell strike six, six, six
You will be dead by dawn
Say your prayers and grab your crucifix

Yes, this one is classic metal stuff. A powerful song which I like to listen to.

9. Battleworn

Battleworn is just a 38 second instrumental. Not really sure why it is on the album.

10. Bloodline

Bloodline is one of the better tracks to me. It just catches me more. Finally, it is very classic Hammerfall sound.

11. Chain of Command

Chain of Command has power, speed and a nice and catching chorus. After the weak middle part, the album definitely becomes stronger towards its end.

12. And Yet I Smile

Did I write something about metal and ballads above? The last track of this album, And Yet I Smile, is one of the highlights for me – sorry, die-hard metal heads. I feel it is just a well done soft track.


Hammerfall – Dominion – Spotify

Here, you can listen into Hammerfall’s album on Spotify:


Hammerfall – Dominion – My View

Hammerfall have set some milestones in the history of Rock and Heavy Metal. Dominion is none of these outstanding albums to me, but very well produced and straight, good and solid rock’n’roll. The instrument play is stronger than the vocals. Definitely an album worth listening, though I would love to have some more variety.


Hammerfall – Dominion – Tour 2019/2020

Hammerfall are on tour in 2019 and 2020. While in 2019, they are mainly touring in America (North and South) and Asia, they will hit Europe in early 2020. Here are the dates of Germany and neigboring countries:


Tu 30.01.2020 Bremen, Aladin
Fr 31.01.2020 Hamburg, Sporthalle
Sa 01.02.2020 Osnabrück, Hydepark
Su 02.02.2020 Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle
Mo 03.02.2020 Nijmegen (NL), Doornroosje
We 05.02.2020 Antwerp (BE), TRIX
Th 06.02.2020 Saarbrücken, Garage
Fr 07.02.2020 Munich, Tonhalle
Tu, 11.02.2020 Langen, Stadthalle
We 12.02.2020 Leipzig, Werk 2
Th 13.02.2020 Prague (CZ), Forum Karlin
Fr 14.02.2020 Bamberg, Brose Arena
Sa 15.02.2020 Ludwigsburg, MHP Arena
Su 16.02.2020 Pratteln (CH), Z7
Tu 18.02.2020 Warsaw (PL), Progresja
We 19.02.2020 Krakow (PL), Studio
Fr 21.02.2020 Graz (AT), Orpheum
Sa 22.02.2020 Vienna (AT), Gasometer
Su 23.02.2020 Berlin, Huxley’s Media Reviews

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