Songs Of The Week (week of 07 July 2023)

Some surprise in this week’s posting: I selected a very special instrumental track to lead my Songs of the Week. However, there is of course some rock, pop and other genres in this posting. Hope you enjoy my selection of songs.


Thomas Lehmkühler – Silent

After doing the Songs of the Week for so long, this song is rather unique: it is the first time I chose a neo-classical track to lead my postings. And then, Silent by the German songwriter, composer and producer Thomas Lehmkühler is just about 90 seconds and thus rather shorts. But this song touched me and deserves to head this post.


Andrew Paley – Sequels 2.0

Two years after his Sequels, Andrew Paley is releasing his Sequels 2.0, which is aiming to warm his fans up for a new album to be released soon. The US-American artist is working solo, but also known as leading the post-punk band The Static Age. Nice listen.


Bekim! feat. Nave Grey – The Only Way is Up

No, this one is not a cover by the famous song by Yazz. Bekim! is a producer who is teaming up with Hamburg artist Nave Grey for this beautiful listen – hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Tyla Yaiweh – Summer Vibes

Tyla Yaiweh is spreading Summer Vibes – that’s not only the title of his latest single, but you also feel these vibes while listening. The US-American artist is known as singer and rapper. His song Tommy Lee with Post Malone was a platinum record in his home country. Let’s see where this song is leading him to.


Mika Setzer – All I Know

Mika Setzer is a young artist from Greater Frankfurt. The 20 year old started to upload cover versions to social media some four years ago. He quite quickly has been contracted by a management company and is growing his fan base since then. In 2021, for example, he released Slowmotion, which had 2.1m Spotify streams. All I Know is a really nice pop listen as well.


Bow Anderson – Midnight

Bow Anderson from Edinburgh had her break-through with the single Midnight, which so far has been stremed 50 million times. Now, she is releasing Midnight. A like the modern signature behind this one. Very good listen by the British artist.


Santiano – Doggerland

German music fans know after a few seconds of listening: this is a new Santiano song. The folk-rock band does another song, which feels like a great blend between the two genres. Very catching, speedy song with a strongly marching song. Thumbs up!


33 RPM  – Die schönsten Tage

Die schönsten Tage is in fact a song by the German band SDP. However, the Nuremberg punk-rock band 33 RPM turned this song into a party rock track – and it just works out great. Might also be due to their great guest musicians, like Mary-Anne from Alarmbaby, Dirk from the Ochmoneks and Kremer. Could be one of the summer rock party songs of the year.




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