Songs Of The Week (week of 2nd February 2024)

January 2024 has already passed and we are running into the first February 2024 edition of my weekly release radar. This time, I am kicking off with a music legend and a rather smooth and slow song. Dance and rock fans need to wait a bit longer and scroll down this time.


Billy Joel – Turn the Lights Back On

I typically rather go for some smaller acts to open my list of new releases. But Billy Joel’s new release is just too good to ignore. The US-American is turning 75 this year – what an amazing career in music – the press kit states a total of 9 billion streams (excluding video streams) overall. Amazing stat by the New York City boy.


Dean Lewis – Memories

This Songs of the Week edition as of 2nd February 2024 kicks off with a set of ballads and emotional songs. If there wasn’t Billy Joel, Australian Dean Lewis and his new song Memories would definitely have been a worthy leading song as well. A song about struggling feeling lonely after a breakup.


Toby Gad feat. Aloe Blacc & Keke Palmer – Little Do You Know

John Legend, Madonna and many more – German music producer Tobias Toby Gad is truly one of the big names in the business. For this ballad, he is joining forces with US-American soul and rap singer Aloe Blacc and his compatriot, singer and actress Keke Palmer. Outstanding listen.


Mika Selzer – Close To You

Mika Selzer is a German artist from Greater Frankfurt. He had a streaming hit with Slow Motion, which almost comes with 2.5 million streams. Clos To You has a lot of potential to stay in your mind as well.


Tom Dee – Little Clover

With Tom Dee, we are heading to the very Southeast of Germany. Tom Dee or Thomas Dittmar, which is the artist’s civil name, is originally from the Chiemsee region in Bavaria. This beautiful song spreads pop and Americana vibes. Nice.


Finnigan – Wissen wie’ ist

Finnigan is another German artist from Munich. The 18 year old has been in focus with his ballad Peace. This time, he is releasing a rather uptempo song.


Jan Delay – Siehst Du das Genau So?

Hip hop, reggae, soul, funk? It is so hard to describe the style of Hamburg artist Jan Delay in one word. I am typically not that much into his music, but this Sportfreunde Stiller cover is just a great listen. He is celebrating his 25th anniversary on stage with a best of album (Forever Jan) and a corresponding tour.


Jelfi – Dann ist es Liebe

The second schlager track on my list this week is a German-Austrian collaboration. Jelfi and the Hamburg-origin singer-songwriter Jenny van Bree and Austrian songwriter and producer Wolfgang Nadrag from Styria. Especially the chorus simply stays in your head.


Jesse Tellem – Final Wish

You will forever be my final wish – ain’t that beautiful lyrics? Jesse Tellem is a US-American artist from Chicago. His father has been a punk-rock drummer. This song feels a bit more brave than that – but it is indeed a beautiful listen.


Elle Coves – Born To Lose

Elle Coves is a truly European act: her parents are Spanish, she was born in Germany and lives in Ireland since early teenage years. She already toured with some big names of the music business. Next week, she is having headline shows in Manchester and London.


Oscar And The Wolf – Angel Face

The civil name of Oscar And The Wolf is Max Colombie. The 32 year old Belgian artist is active as a musician since the mid 2000’s. Nice blending between R&B and electro-pop sounds.


Pagan Piper Project – In A Different Way

The Austrian band Pagan Piper Project is doing folk music and see themselves in line with Celtic traditions. Unfortunately, I just have very limited information about them.


Only The Poets – One More Night

Only The Poets are a British indie-pop from Reading. Just before they head off to Germany for some shows as part of their European tour, the release their new single One More Night. Very nice song by Tommy Longhurst and his bandmates.


Daryl Blackman – The One

With Darlyl Blackman, this release radar features a second artist born in Chicago. However, the US-American choreographer and musician is nowadays living together with his family near Hanover in Germany. Very cool single release.


Bibiane Z – Walk You Home Safe

The list of new releases closes with German electronic music singer-songwriter Bibiane Z. The Berlin-based artist is currently in focus of German  media, as she is competing to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Walk You Home Safe is her candidate song.



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