Tobacco Rd Band – Worth Fighting For

Tobacco Rd Band - Worth Fighting For



4.7/5 Pros

  • Eleven great tracks
  • Rock power and emotional highlights
  • Great lyrics
  • Superb vocals

The Tobacco Rd Band are known for their powerful country rock sound and inspiring love songs. On 12th February 2021, the released a new album, Worth Fighting For. As I loved the sound of the songs, I felt to share my thoughts with you.


Tobacco Rd Band – About The Artists

Tobacco Rd Band is a US country rock band, which has been found in 2010 in Tallahassee, Florida. Eric Durrance is the lead singer and songwriter of the band. Ben Castro is the lead guitarist, Dale Shumate plays the bass and Joe Markham is on the drums. Durrance has previously played at the Christian rock band Big Dismal. Their debut EP Where The Girls Are (2012) was even stating Eric Durrance explicitly. On their website, the band states Worth Fighting For to be the bands sixth album. I however could just identify two albums and one EP.


Tobacco Rd Band – Worth Fighting For – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Take It to the Country

The album starts with a nice country rocker with a slightly dark touch. Take It to the Country is fasincating from the very first moment, majorly caused by Durrance powerful voice. A really nice opener.

2. Lonesome Road

Gotta keep on rolling
Down that lonesome road, here I go.

Lonesome Road is another really nice recording. Beautiful country and rock vibe, catchy melody – just what you expect of good country rock / Southern rock sound. The bridge is a nice dedication to people being away from abroad to make our lives better. Really good one.

3. Till the Stars Burn Out

Tobacco Rd Band are really good in writing songs, which are a nice listen at home, on the road or for a concert. Till the Stars Burn Out is a lovely example for that. Powerful, but not too much.

4. Love and War

Even though Love and War starts a bit slower, it gets back to a rock track. Still, I like the very rhythmic sound of the track. Cool!

5. Turn It Up

Turn It Up is one of the most infectious songs on the whole album. A lot of power, great guitar play and a catching chorus. Tobacco Rd Band simply rock.

6. Worth Fighting For

The title song of the album is set to the middle of the album. The song is the slowest track on the album so far and finally is a lovely power ballad. Tobacco Rd Band do the emotional part in a beautiful way, too.

Love ain’t easy
sometimes it’s just playing hard
The heart’s getting back
Worlds are torn apart
Let it all on ,e
better I take all the blame
I know I said it before – I still believe it
Love’s worth fighting for.

7. Turn This Night Into

While some of the songs before have rather a rock than a country / Southern touch, Turn This Night Into is a beautiful modern country track.

8. I Wanna Be Your Ex

I Wanna Be Your Ex – that’s definitely a clear message in a breakup / unhappy love song. The song again has a strong Nashville touch. Would love to listen to these tunes, when the band is on stage. Great sound!

9. Dead and Gone

The album stays at the country touch side. Dead and Gone is another breakup one. Beautiful!

10. Bringing Me Home

You keep me rolling on
When the wheels won’t turn
You keep me looking up
When this world brings me down
In my heart I’m gonna you carry you with me
Everywhere I go
Your love is the light that’s always on
Bringing me home

I am not too much in this military topic, but this song about going to military service is just such an amazing description of emotions. It simply caught me from the very beginning – and I loved it until the very end. If you are a rocker at heart, you do the best emotional songs – here’s another proof for this thought.

11. Dear Son

The album finishes in a very special way. There is just Durrance’s voice and an acoustic guitar. You don’t need more to do a good song. Dear Son is a good song.



Tobacco Rd Band – Worth Fighting For – Spotify

This is Worth Fighting For on Spotify:


Tobacco Rd Band – Worth Fighting For – My View

I don’t need to comment too much on this album. You could alternatively name it Worth Listening To. Tobacca Rd Band deliver eleven great songs – from powerful rock smashers to intimate and emotional songs. Straight, honest and well done music. I can’t even dare to think that we are out of Top Pick! range here. The album is just too good.


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