Taylor McCall – Black Powder Soul

Taylor McCall - Black Powder Soul



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very characteristic style
  • Good arrangements Cons

  • Not at his full potential yet

Another emerging artist with his debut album: I received Black Powder Soul by Taylor McCall from a promotion company. I felt he is producing a very characteristic sound – thus, I am sharing my thoughts about the album with you. Release date is 24th september 2021.


Taylor McCall – About The Artist

Taylor McCall is a country music artist from Easley, South Carolina. Based on rather traditional country music, he created his own signature sound. This also lead to his major debut release was the EP Southern Heat, which he released in 2017. Two years later, there was his second, self-titled EP. He grew quite a significant fan base in recent year – the opener of his 2019 EP, Jericho Rose, for example has over 700k streams on Spotify only.


Taylor McCall – Black Powder Soul – Track by Track

The fourteen track album lasts 51 minutes.

1. Old Ship Of Zion Prelude

A bit of gospel-alike feeling in the first 50 seconds of the album. Just an intro.

2. Black Powder Soul

The first full track of the album is the title song. After a rather long intro, the song more and more develops towards an stomping, almost angry country rocker. Nice groove as well – good opener.

3. Red Handed

Less rocking, more traditional and a stronger blues feeling – Red Handed, one of the single releases, comes with a very different sound. The guitar play makes the song feel not too old fashioned – it just has a very own touch.t

4. White Wine

White Wine is a really cool song. Majorly concentrating on McCall’s voice and the guitars, the rather slow song comes with a lot of atmosphere and aura. Really enjoy listening to it.

5. Crooked Lanes

From the very first moment, Crooked Lanes spreads energy and power. The hook is almost feeling like surfers’ rock with a small touch of Americana genres. Again, the special touch of Taylor McCall’s voice is the signature element of the song. Good listen.

6. Hell’s Half Acre

There are rather mainstream-format songs like the 2:43 Red Handed – but also epic woks like this song, Hells Half Acre. In the press kit, McCall names this track to be one of his favorites – and he is right, indeed. Cool dark power, a nice groove – it feels like the dark man is marching towards you. Lovely guitar work.

7. Man Out Of Time

After this present song with a dark touch, Man Out Of Time feels deep and thoughtful. The instruments are doing just what is needed to support the lovely vocal performance. Good song.

8. Surrender Blues

With just 2:14 minutes, the Surrender Blues is the shortest full song on the album. Nonetheless, it leaves its mark. Nice blues rocker with a powerful groove.

9. South Of Broadway

Dark guitar sounds and powerful riffs with a blues-alike groove – Taylor McCall’s Sound Of Broadway did a really nice recording here. These kind of tracks by the artist just stay in your mind.

10. Wide Open

Wide Open might be a bit of repetitive, but the song comes with nice rhythmic elements and some good organ parts.

11. Highway Will

Quite at the end of the album, there are two more songs, which have already been released. The first one is Highway Will, which feels rather modern. Again, Taylor McCall creates magic with a melody which just stays in your mind. Great work on the strings again.

12. So Damn Lucky

So Damn Lucky is the best ballad on the album to me. Did I say that I love this voice? Great sound.

13. Lucifer

The devil gets the epic ones – after the six minute Hell’s Half AcreLucifer is a nine minute track.A guitar-driven track, which starts really slow, but then turns into a real country rocker with distorted riffs and hammering rhythm. Cool song, almost a touch of hard rock in here.

14. Old Ship Of Zion Outro

The album closes as it ends – with these 50 seconds of Old Ship Of Zion – this time with a slightly altered ending.


Taylor McCall – Black Powder Soul – Spotify

Here is Black Powder Soul on Spotify:


Taylor McCall – Black Powder Soul – My View

Taylor McCall is definitely a very promising artist. Great work on the guitar and a signature voice create a very characteristic sound. Undoubtedly, Black Powder Soul is not a mainstream album – but if you like this flavor of country music, the album will be a really good listen. I feel there is even more potential in this artist – so I am looking forward to more Taylor McCall music. in Atlanta

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