Billy Lockett – Reflections EP

Billy Lockett - Reflections



4.5/5 Pros

  • Six beautiful piano songs on one EP
  • A lovely duet and a really good pop track

Some 750,000 listeners on Spotify per month are quite an impressive stat. It is the figure by Billy Lockett, a British artist, who grew his fan base significantly over the years. On 19th March 2021, he has been releasing his new EP Reflections. Here is my review.

Billy Lockett – About The Artist

Billy Lockett is a 29 year old singer, pianist and composer from Northampton in England. He is publishing music since 2015, when his debut EPBurn It Down, made it up to the eighth spot in the iTunes Charts. Since then, he is regularly releasing music. In 2019, he released his second EP Reset, whiich is also available in a “Live From Home” version. His debut album has been released last year, titled Together At Home. His streaming success is massive: five of his songs have already been streamed more than six million times on Spotify only, with Hard Act To Follow, a 2019 single, which has been part of Reset and Together At Home, having over 14 million streams by itself.


Billy Lockett – Reflections – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Wasting Time

I’ll be anything you want me to be
But how can we rebuild when you ignore me?
Yeah, I’ll do anything, just love or use me
Yeah, I’ve laid it on the line
Mmm… But I guess I’m wasting time

The EP start with Wasting Time, a beautiful piano ballad with falsetto voice vocals. The song becomes more rhythmic and powerful towards the end. Overall, a real beauty.

2. Don’t Mean A Thing

Don’t Mean A Thing is a bit faster (and also darker in voice) than the opener, but overall, the second song on the EP is based on very similar pillars. A beautiful, intimate mood. Good song.

3. Begging

Another track another ballad. Billy Lockett is really Begging for his love in this song. The song becomes quite energetic towards the end.

4. Inbetween

The fourth song is another one for the heart. If you put your dancing shoes out for this album – you might be a bit of disappointed. Just take your beloved one for an intimate dance – the second single of the EP is the emotional highlight to me.

5. Talk (feat. Violet Skies)

Talk is a lovely duet, which is also coming with some slightly rhythmic parts. Lockett and Violet Skies are fantastic in this song, which has already been released as a single. It is my favorite track on the album.

6. Silence

The song is called Silence – but in fact it is likely the “loudest” one of the album. Again, the song is based on the piano – but then, it comes with a lot of pop elements. Do you still have your dancing shoes somewhere? This one is a good chance for some rhythmic movements.


Billy Lockett – Reflections – Spotify

Here is Reflections on Spotify:


Billy Lockett – Reflections – My View

The EP feels a bit boring at the beginning. The first five songs are all slow piano tracks – but with Inbetween latest, you feel that there might be some surprising elements to come. The collaboration with Violet Skies is a real beauty – and Silence is a nice closing track. I liked the three opening tracks of the EP, but the more I appreciate the three songs at the end. They lift Billy Lockett’s Reflections to Top Pick! level.


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