Lexie Hayden – You Heard Right EP

Lexie Hayden - You Heard Right



3.8/5 Pros

  • Some really good songs
  • Nice voice, just a good listen Cons

  • A few songs are weaker and cannot connect to the good ones
  • EP could have more variety

If you are a rising artist, having two recent singles which made more than 100k streams at Spotify is not bad at all. The songs Relit Cigarette (131k streams) and Somewhere Drinking (367k streams, both at time of writing) feel to be a great basis for Lexie Hayden’s EP You Heard Right, which has been released on 4th December 2020. Here is my review.


Lexie Hayden – About The Artist

Lexie Hayden was born on 26th July 1993 in Virginia. I found her first release dated as of 2013, a nice song called Rainin’ on a Wednesday. With her 2017 debut EP The Drive, Hayden definitely increased her visibility in Nashville – the single Kiss and Tell was the first song of hers which has been streamed more than 100,000 times. You Heard Right is her second EP.


Lexie Hayden – You Heard Right – Track by Track

The seven song EP lasts 23 minutes.

1. You Heard Right

The EP starts with the rather slow title track. It is about being back in life after a failed relationship. Good listen, nice voice. Nice song.

2. Wish You Would’ve Cheated

I wish you would’ve cheated on me
I wish you would’ve gone and left me lonely
I wish you would’ve lied to me and broke my heart in pieces
I wish you would’ve treated me bad
Maybe then I wouldn’t be so sad
Might have made it little easier to me.

The breakup topic is also a topic on the second track. The song is a bit more catchy and a bit more present while listening – thus, I prefer it over You Heard Right.

3. Relit Cigarette

The first song of this EP which has been released by Lexie Hayden is the intense Relit Cigarette. The song comes with a clear statement: A relit cigarette don’t taste the same. Clear message, good song!

4. Go To

Go To is heading much more towards the countrypop direction. A song with a nice rhythm – but I just don’t get that well into it as I did with the two tracks before.

5. Somewhere Drinking

Close to 370,000 streams cannot be too right, can they? Indeed, the song has a good melody and a lovely voice. And alcoholic topics are always popular at Nashville-lovers – so Hayden did everything right, indeed.

6. Sad Songs

This song is more powerful, almost angry. Good tune, indeed. The music is also beautifully arranged to support the voice.


7. Don’t Take Your Time

The EP closes with the rather slow Don’t Take Your Time. It is not that catching to me – some other songs just did much better. But again, I just enjoy to listen to Hayden’s voice.


Lexie Hayden – You Heard Right – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to You Heard Right:


Lexie Hayden – You Heard Right – My View

You Heard Right is definitely a good EP. Seven songs is already a quite nice selection of tracks – an there are three, four songs, which are really good and catchy. The other tracks feel to be weaker – but in fact, they are more than just pretty solid… I feel that many of you will enjoy Hayden’s music as I did.



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