Don Marco & Die Kleine Freiheit – Gehst Du Mit Mir Unter

Don Marco & Die Kleine Freiheit - Gehst Du Mit mir Unter



3.9/5 Pros

  • A touch of very different musical genres
  • Very straight and honest songs
  • Characteristic Cons

  • Very special kind of music

Gehst Du mit mir unter – “Are you drowning with me” is the album title of a new German music project. After the mastermind behind Don Marco & Die Kleine Freiheit (“Don Marco & The Small Freedom”) is quite well-known in the German music scene, the album feels to be more promising than you might expect at first sight. The debut will be released on 29th January 2021.


Don Marco & Die Kleine Freiheit – About The Artists

Don Marco is a brand-new project, which released their debut single Nervös (“Nervous”, part of this album) in September 2020. However, the project not newbie-stuff at all – Don Marco is in fact Markus Naegele, who is a big name and book author and thus well-known in the German music scene. Before Don Marco & die kleine Freiheit, he also recorded music with the indie-garage rock band Fuck Yeah, which sang in English. The band is located in Munich.


Don Marco & Die Kleine Freiheit – Gehst Du Mit mir Unter – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 44 minutes.

1. D.O.N.M.A.R.C.O.

The first track is in fact a twelve second album spelling the name of the band a couple times. I don’t like intros.

2. Nervös

Nervös (“Nervous”) has been one of the singles released before the album. The rock track with straight lyrics. A touch of punk and indie with an overall good sound.

3. Wir haben genug

In the early 2000’s, German-singing rock bands lead to quite a revival of the genre in Germany, after it felt quite taboo to use your mother tongue in music. The sound of Wir haben genug (“We’re tired of it”) reminds me of that sound of bands like Creme 21 or others. Don Marc & die kleine Freiheit create a really nice sound – good to listen to them.

4. Gehst du mit mir unter

After two songs, which have been published as singles already, the album continues with its title track. The song is more concentrating on the vocals and (electric) rhythm. Thus, it reminds me a bit of songs by Andreas Dorau, especially in his early ages. These kind of songs are definitely a matter of taste. I love it.

5. Was hast du dann

Even though Was hast Du dann gives much more presence to the instrumentation and melody, its simple and repetitive sound still reminds a lot of the Neue Deutsche Welle era in the early 1980’s. The melody of the song even feels a bit like a country or folk track, though. Good listen.

6. Osnabrück

With Osnabrück (which is a city in the Lower Saxony state), the album goes back towards a soft punk rock style. The song keeps a simple, but straight style. The chorus is just a repetitive It ain’t nothing but the truth, by the way.

7. Gestern Nacht

Gestern Nacht (“Yesterday Night”) is a song about trying to reconcile what has happened the previous night. The song is quite simple and the way it is produced, it almost feels a bit of childish. The song might not be too charming if you don’t speak German, but it definitely made me smile.

8. Topspiel der Woche

In this part of the album (this song is called “Top game of the week”), I again feel a lot of that Neue Deusche Welle sound, which produced a huge set of ironic, good mood tracks during the early 1980’s. However, Topspiel der Woche is straighter than the historic genre – but it makes me smile.

9. Nichts hält für immer

Interesting rhythmic element: in Nichts hält für immer (“Nothing stays forever”), the drums are simply replaced by rhythmic clapping. The song again feels quite country-alike. Overall, it is one of the song which most quickly stays in your memory.

10. Der Antrieb ist hin

There are two really long tracks among the last four ones of Gehst Du mit mir unter. The longest song on the album is this one, Der Antrieb ist hin (“The incentive is gone”). The song is having longer instrumental parts – I have to stay that I rather love to listen to Don Marco’s vocals. Not my favorite one.

11. Das Fest

The most obvious elements of Das Fest (“The Party”) are the trumpet (which you had on Der Antrieb ist hin as well) and a rhythm which feels to be originated by an averagely programmed 1980’s drum computer. The song looks back to a party on the day after. Funny and illustrative to do so – Das Fest ist vorüber // Es sieht aus wie nach nem Tropensturm (“The Party is over // It looks like after a tropical storm”).

12. Warten

Apart from the brief intro, Warten (“Waiting”) is the shortest track. One of my favorite songs on the album, a melodic, quick rock track, which nicely fits to the other tracks on the album.

13. Leon Russell

This song does not only feature the title-spending Leon Russell, but names a couple of other favorite artists of Naegle: Nikki Sudden, Sharen Jones, Townes Van Zandt, Vic Chestnut, Country Joe Montana and many more. Nice way to close the album.


Don Marco & Die Kleine Freiheit – Gehst Du Mit mir Unter – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the the album:


Don Marco & Die Kleine Freiheit – Gehst Du Mit mir Unter – My View

Gehst Du Mit Mir Unter is a typical “Love it or avoid it” album. Markus Naegele creates a very characteristic sound, which mixes folk, punk and German 1980’s music. The songs are well written and good recordings. I personally really enjoyed the album as it reminded me of a lot of songs which accompanied me during my life. I recommend to give Don Marco a try – and then decide after a few songs if you enjoy it or not. in Munich

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