Sasha – Toto und der Mann im Mond (music album)

Sasha - Toto und der Mann im Mond



5.0/5 Pros

  • Lovely stories and songs
  • Very nice songwriting
  • Wide range of songs

Sasha did so many genres already. He is majorly known as a pop artist, but also did rockabilly records with his alter ego project Dick Brave and the Backbeats. On 28th July 2023, he is releasing music with a very different flavor. Toto und der Mann im Mond is a children pop album. The genre is rather popular in Germany. As I wanted to introduce you to this kind of music anyway, this album felt like a perfect opportunity to do so.


Sasha – About The Artist

Sasha was born as Sascha Schmitz on 5th January 1972 in Soest, East of Dortmund. He started to do music in a school band, before he also had scattered jobs in the business, e.g. as background singer. Using the artist name H.I.M. initially, he started to release music in the mid-1990’s. His breakthrough song was the 1998 If You Believe, which has been a platinum record in Germany and a golden one in Switzerland and Austria. The corresponding album Dedicated to… stayed in the German album charts for over a year. Sasha’s biggest album success was the 2003 album Dick This!, however. Released under his alter ego Dick Brave, the album topped the German charts and received a double platinum record.


Sasha – Toto und der Mann im Mond – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 41 minutes. In parallel to the song album, there is also a book and an audio book with good night stories for kids, on which the album is based. The stories are written by Sasha and Julia Röntgen.

1. Toto und der Mann im Mond

Toto is a young boy who is dreaming to meet the Mann im Mond (the Man on the Moon) every day. And as he also having a rocket in his dreams, he indeed makes it, every night. The title track of the book and the album are very catchy, very modern and rhythmic. A good listen, even if you are not too interested in the adventures to come.

2. Die Planeten bei Nacht

The second song is about “The planets at night”. Es ist wirklich schön vorm schlafengehen die Sterne zu sehen – “It is really nice to see the stars before going to sleep”. The song has a nice groove. The melody and story is focusing on the younger audience – but the song is in fact a really beautiful high quality write.

3. Hey Luna

Hey Luna is one of the most remarkable songs of the album. Luna is a guinea pig and turns into a plushy moon pig at night. The song is something like a love song to the lovely pet, which is the closest companion of Toto and his cousin Mimi. The song stays in your mind, you just cannot change it. Don’t get attracted by it too much – you can buy Luna as merchandise as well.

4. Die Pyramiden

This part of the stories is taking us to the pyramids in Africa. With adopted lyrics, the vibes of this song could easily be turned into an adult song. The song is describes childiish ideas like In den Pyramiden von Afrika spielen wir Pharao und Kleopatra (“In the pyramids of Africa, we play pharaoh and Cleopatra”), but also the fascination behind all the history behind these structures.

5. Plitsch Platsch

Plitsch Platsch is a typical summer kid pop song. The track is leaning towards German schlager. It makes me smile.

6. Stein auf Stein

Listening to the album definitely makes me curious about the stories presented in the book. The songs are having such a different style and atmosphere. Stein auf Stein, a song about building a house, is having an industrial rock touch – even though Sasha and his band mates don’t dare to play the guitar too hard.

7. Freunde fürs Leben

The title of the seventh song translated to “Friends for Life”. It postulates that if you give luck to your friends, good luck will come back to you as well. Even in darker moments, there will always be a positive twist at one point. To me, one of the best listens of the album. Love it!

8. Um die ganze Welt

Traveling Um die ganze Welt (“Around the whole world”) in this album comes with very cool reggae vibes. “We are flying around the whole world and stay where we enjoy it”). Later in the song, there are also some world music influences. The story of the song is beautifully translated into lyrics and melodies.

9. Für immer

Für immer is another song, which easily could be an adult Sasha song as well. The song is also describing a very Sasha-alike moment, i.e. the tour life as a musician. The song is rather spreading some folk-pop spirit. Lovely song, which is a sing-a-long for your kids before going to bed as well as for the next Sasha shows.

10. Wieder gut

Similar to Freunde fürs Leben, the tenth song comes with a very uplifting message. Thereby, the song is rather quiet, which creates a very personal and intimate atmosphere.

11. Wenn es blitzt und donnert

The second last song is about being afraid during a thunderstorm. It is also about the love of parents to their kids, protecting them in fearful moments. Very touching to me.

12. Zeit ins Bett zu gehen (Der Mann im Mond)

How could this album close better than with a straight lullaby? The song is recorded together with a child singer. The song is also teasing that there will be another trip to the Man on the Moon. Nice closing.


Sasha – Toto und der Mann im Mond – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Sasha – Toto und der Mann im Mond – My View

I listened to quite a bunch of children pop album and single releases the last years. I am very often amazed about the very high quality of these productions. Finally, this also lead to song nominations in my Songs of the Week, like Mein Name ist Hase leading a late March 2023 edition. I have to say, though, that Toto und der Mann im Mond even feels to reach a higher level. Sasha and his team did an amazing job. I absolutely love every second of this one.


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