Songs Of The Week (week of 26 May 2023)

I have struggled quite much with health issues this week – which also prevented me to travel to some British Rock of Ages shows. Maybe due to this reason, there was a certain demand for rock music in my Songs of the Week from my side. At least, I started with some more guitar-prone tracks… but there is a lot of pop and other genres as well.


Creeper – Cry to Heaven

Some horror punk this week? Creeper from Southampton are just about to release their third album in October. Creeper is the first appetizer towards the full-length release Sanguivore. The first two albums have been doing rather good in the charts, so that one could be promising.


Danko Jones – Good Time

The first songs of my set of songs this week rock – and the Canadian hard rock band Danko Jones just perfectly into that. Nice vibes from Toronto – Danko Jones and his band will make to Europe for some shows at the end of the year as well.


Me & the Lion – Let The Rain Come

The band Me & the Lion come with a very interesting concept: the band is concentrating on songs dealing with mental health and disorders. Their sound is somewhere between rock, pop and country elements. The project is based in Germany, driven by the two musicians Annika Bollmann and Leo Sieg.


Haector – Can’t Love

Despite the exact spelling (which is using the Scandinavian AE letter), Haector are  an indie-pop band from Hamburg. They already released their debut album Modern Urban Angst in summer 2022 – Can’t Love feels to be another really good listen.


Arstidir – Your Shadow

Arstidir is Icelandic and means “Seasons” (of the year). The Nordic band is very active in releasing music. They mix folk music with other genres, sometimes even classic music ones. Your Shadow is another very nice listen by the trio from Reykjavik.


Smith & Thell – We Were in Love

Maria Smith and Victor Thell are a folk music duo from Sweden. They gaines quite some popularity, especially in their home country Sweden. Their song Forgive Me Friend just crossed the magical 100 million streams on Spotify only. Four more songs of the Stockholm act have 40 million streams or more each. We Were in Love has a lot of potential as well.


The Radio Field – The Version

The Radio Field is an indie-pop band from Dusseldorf. The band was originally rather a solo project during the pandemic, but then grew more and more. The band nowadays has quite a decent lineup and even attracted some interesting guest musicians for this release, like brass musician Max von Einem and singer Robert Stadlober. Cool sound.


Here At Last – Lovesick

Boy bands are not dead. These five guys from Great Britain are ready to win the heart of their (likely rather female) fans. The straight pop song Lovesick could be a nice next step.


Virginia Ernst – So wie Du willst

Music fans know Austrian Virignia Ernst as a singer-songwriter, sports fans as a former member of her nation’s ice hockey national team. So far, she just released songs in English – So wie Du willst (“Like you want it”) is the German language debut by the Vienna artist.


Alexander Jahnke – Wunder

Alexander Jahnke from Lehrte near Hanover finished the 2017 season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar as second-placed artist. While his debut single had some chart success, he is struggling to keep up with the success so far. Wunder is a single taken from his album Dieser eine Moment released in March 2023. Nice, powerful schlager-pop listen.


Finn & Jonas – Ohne Mich

Finn and Jonas are twins, coming from Dortmund in the German Ruhrgebiet. The song is about being (too) afraid too miss something, that important events happen without you. very nice pop song with a decent indie-touch. The twins are also on tour in November 2023.


Michael Patrick Kelly – O.K.O.

After his amazing B.O.A:T.S. album, US-Irish artist Michael Patrick Kelly has been releasing some addition songs in an Extended Version. One of them is O.K.O., which is now released as a single. Rather pop-alike, but a really nice listen.


OneRepublic – Runaway

I guess I don’t have to say too much about the US pop-rock stars OneRepublic any more. Runaway is a catching uptempo release, which is quite some fun listening.


Oliver Sullivan feat. Luca Grace – We Found Love

This one is a Swiss-Bavarian collaboration. Olliver Sullivan is from the Emmental in Switzerland (yeah, the one with the cheese…). He had a quite successful debut release and is now pairing up with Luca Grace from MunichWe Found Love has a lot of summer fun pop potential.


Juan Daniel – Viva la vida

The list of songs this week closes with a typical summer pop song. Beach vibes, Spanish language and rhythm… Juan Daniel’s latest release feels like it is perfectly made to dance. The artist is born in Germany, by the way – his parents and grandparents are Spanish, though, and obviously gave him the right vibe.


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