Paradogmata – Endetid

Paradogmata - Endetid



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice blending of heavy metal and death metal
  • Good dramatic plots
  • Entertaining, fluent listen

It is quite a range of music represented on – which is also illustrated by two of the key genres I am covering, country music and hard rock/metal. Paradogmata represent the latter genre. On 24th November 2023, they are released a new album called Endetid – which already suggests that they do not necessarily sing in English. Here is my review.


Paradogmata – About The Artists

Paradogmata are a melodic heavy metal and death metal band from Norway. They have been founded in 2018 in Trondheim in the very North of the country. Despite the rather long band history, I only found a few single releases of the band, starting in 2022. The first one, Harrowing of Heaven is already part of Endetid. The singer of the band is Frank Bokseth. On top of that, there are Per Andre Haarberg (guitar), Svein Havard Ruoy (bass) and drummer Bo Dods Anders Vist. Former guitarist Wojciech Ziembora.has left the band in 2021.


Paradogmata – Endetid – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 62 minutes.

1. Endetidsbundet

The first eight minutes of the album introduce you to the Endetidsbundet, which I would roughly translate to “Guild of the Last Day”. There is an atmospheric opener, before the song takes the death metal way. Dark vocals, marching riffs, which take up some more speed towards the end

2. The Seeds of Greed

The second track is one of the single releases, The Seeds of Greed. After the epic opener, this three minute track feels to surprisingly quick. However, the the song is quite entertaining, also because it has some really fast sections. The song as such is also having a less dark atmosphere, even though the choir towards the end is somehow referencing the opener.

3. Seven Curses for the Deathly Pale

Seven Curses for the Deathly Pale is another single release. However, this time, the song is going back  to typical metal dimensions – the third track blocks some six and a half minute of your time. The song structure is rather similar to other tracks: a rather slow and melodic intro, before the guitars take over control of the song. The melodic middle part is a beauty if you like rock guitar solos.

4. The Cleansing Flood

The fourth track welcomes you with a twenty second pass solo, before more instruments join in. Very nice metal strummer with an intense performance by Frank Bokseth on the vocal side. The song feels a bit more straight and less dramatic compared to other songs of the album.

5. Corrupt to Interrupt

For Corrrupt to Interrupt, Paradogmata go for the whole range of darker metal vocals. The song might feel a bit too scary and bone-shaking at first listen, but I really liked it more and more during my review. The thumbing, intense sound on the instrumental side is another real treat.

6. Harrowing of Heaven

The sixth episode of the trip through the Endetid comes with a lot of screaming and dark atmosphere, but is also surprisingly melodic at the beginning. Finally, darkness feels to win against the more harmonic muses of rock.

7. The Princess in The Tower

The seventh song is the closing of the dramatic and storytelling part of the album. Thereafter, there are three alternative versions of Paradogmata songs. These eight minutes are my favorite listen of the album, I simply enjoy the dialectic between rather dark and melodic (I have to admit that I like the “normal” metal parts even more than the death metal sections in here…). The song stays in mind.

8. Certain Future (demo)

The eighth song is a demo recording to Certain Future. I don’t have information about the track, but I guess it just did not make it to Endetid. The style is rather in line with other songs of the album, rather on the darker side. Apart from the storytelling, this track would not have added that much to the main part of the album.

9. The Cleansing Flood (rough mix)

rough mix of the fourth track of the album – let’s see what this one is about. Indeed, if you feel that the original version has been too plushy and soft, this one will be the right blast for you. Cool one, which made me smile.

10. The Princess in The Tower (alternative version)

After I liked The Princess in The Tower that much, I was looking forward to the alternative version. This alternative version is darker, the narrator is altering the storytelling compared to the album version before. I go with the original.


Paradogmata – Endetid – Spotify

Here is Endtid on Spotify:


Paradogmata – Endetid – My View

I wouldn’t assign the absolutely highest ratings to Endetid, but I really enjoyed listening to it. The Norwegians do a nice blending of “mainstream” and death metal and alter between more melodic and darker parts. The dramatic structure is good as well. Nice listen.


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