More Than Words – Today (Make Today Be the Best Day of Your Life)

More Than Words - Today (Make Today Be the Best Day of Your Life)



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very modern country sound made in Germany
  • Well-made use of three very good vocalists
  • Good songwriting

Also due to their rather well-known band members, More Than Words is one of the most promising country music acts from German-speaking countries to me. On 15th July 2022, the released their second album, Today. The album is sometimes also referred to with a longer name, Today (Make Today Be the Best Day of Your Life). The communication before album was a bit of bumpy – so that I hope for a smoother listening experience.


More Than Words – About The Artists

More Than Words is a trio, which is in fact emerging from a blended family. The youngest band member is Johanna Mross, who was born on 17th October 2001. The press pack interestingly states that she originally has a professional background as a confectioner. She is also professional video producer. Apart from the vocal part, which is covered by all band members, she is doing several instruments. Austrian Lanny Lanner (civil name: Leopold Lanner) is the Johanna’s stepfather and the songwriter of More Than Words. He lived in New York City for ten years and has a background as a producer as well. The most prominent band member in Germany, however, is Lanny’s wife and Johanna’s mother, Stefanie Hertel, who has been a very prominent traditional folk musician. For example, she won the Grand Prix der Volksmusik (tradional folk music competition for German, Swiss and Austrian acts) in 1992. Her winning song was Über jedes Bacherl geht a Brückerl – “There is a bridge over every creek”.

Since 2019, More Than Words is releasing music. Their first album was Home in 2020. The band has quite a significant presence in German media, also in TV. They have been supporting Bonnie Tyler on her tour multiple times. In 2022, they will support The Gipsy Kings on their German tour dates (see below).


More Than Words – Today – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Today

The title track of More Than Word’s second album has more or less been published in parallel to the album. The song feels like a nice country pop track, which in a beautiful way makes use of the three different vocalists. A bit of plushy, but a really nice song.

2. I Can Do Better Than You

The German-Austrian county family trio is going for stronger electric guitar involvement in this second song. I feel that this leads to a really good, professional listen. Also compared to the songs of Home, tracks like I Can Do Better Than You feel more mature, almost more professional. One of my favorites.

3. Help

Liverpool goes Chiemgau in Bavaria (where More Than Words are located), The Fab Four become the German-speaking family Three: More Than Words cover one of the biggest Beatles song and add song country flavor. To me, Help is not a highlight of the album – but it entertains me.

4. Forever I Do

Forever I Do is a wedding love song by More Than Words. Regarding the fourth track of the album, the love of Stefanie and Lanny is approved. Nice song.

5. You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Not another cover, but one of the songs which have been released as a single already. The song is having a nice pop ease and a lot of dancing vibe. Nonetheless, arrangements like the very present steel guitar make this song feel county as well. Good.

6. Lonely With You

The album continues with straight, well-produced country pop. An energizing, good listen, which makes you enjoy the song and move to it vibe. A nice write about spending the evening together, knowing that you have to split up the next day.

7. If You Can Dream It

The seventh song is one of the best ones of the album in my point of view. Very modern country song, which makes excellent use of the talents and strengths of this family collaboration.

8. We’re Gonna Get There

Not sure if More Than Words would like that comparison – but this song strongly reminds me of some High School Musical harmonies. I love the movie, I enjoy the empowering We’re Gonna Get There. I love to be all in this together with Stefanie, Lanny and Johanna.

9. Living In A Dream

A slow, very gentle song in the second last position of the album. The coziness of this track could almost be the one of a Christmas song. Does not feel too much like a mid-of-July song – but I will appreciate this one in a couple of months.

10. Home Again

More Than Words’ first album opened with (the title track) Home, now they close with Home Away. The song works with different sections and thus has a bit of a potpourri or wrap-up character to me. I like that.


More Than Words – Today – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


More Than Words – Today – My View

These guys are good, without a doubt. A trio full of musical talent and some celebrity status is Germany – even if their music was average, they could a great factor to promote country music in Germany. But Today is not average at all – the ten songs feel very professional, not close to German schlager and are coming with very modern sound. A 35 minute really good listen made on German ground – I am really thankful for this family trio.


More Than Words – Tour Dates 2022

The majority of the German tour dates mentioned below are support act dates for The Gipsy Kings Tour in 2022. I have marked solo dates explicitly.

Th 21.07.2022 Hamburg, Altes Land Open Air (solo, unplugged)
Fr 22.07.2022 Hamburg, Stadtpark
Sa 23.07.20222 Leipzig, Parkbühne
Su 24.07.2022 Trier, Amphitheater
Su 31.07.2022 Oranienburg, Palace (support: Bonnie Tyler)
Fr 05.08.2022 Merzig, Zeltpalast (solo)
We 10.08.2022 Berlin, Friedrichstadtpalast
Th 11.08.2022 Cologne, Tanzbrunnen
Fr 12.08.2022 Hanau, Amphitheater
Sa 13.08.2022 Kaunitz, Truck Treff Kaunitz (solo)
Su 14.08.2022 Pfaffenberg, Hohenstein Bergfest (solo)


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