Songs Of The Week (week of 1st March 2024)

I struggled a bit compiling the Songs of the Week this time. The partial flight miles for my current trip to Malaysia have not been credited and thus, I had just limited facilities on a Friday morning and the limited Tunis Airport (TUN). Together with some personal dates, two Sound of Nashville shows being ahead of me the next week and floorball coverage, there was a lot of stuff to do in the coming days. Nonetheless, I compiled a very entertaining list of new releases (as I believe), which this time happens to be dominated by German artists.


Leony – Simple Life

Can Leony be even more successful? I simply love the 26 year old artist, who is originally from Southern Germany. I would have loved to cover a show of her very first tour – but at this point it was already declined due to high demand. In the meantime, Leony is almost skyrocketing in musical presence as well as in social media. If you don’t love her music, you at least love her cute dog Marlie. This week, she released a rather untypical song, but Simple Life comes with a lovely ease.


Thorsteinn Einarsson – Hotel Heartache

The Icelandic artist who grew up in Austria has been feature a couple of times so far in my Songs of the Week. This week, he is having a really strong new song, Hotel Heartache. It was just beaten by Leony as my favorite song this week. As both are pop songs and suit well, I at least also put him on the second position.


Jessica Lynn – Shame

I simply love Jessica Lynn. The charismatic and friendly artist from the East coast is leaving her typical country and country rock home and releases Shame, a song full of vibes and Latin American rhythm. Surprising, selection, but a really good. The only US-American artist this week, but the way.


w/ove – Red Lights

Red Lights is the debut single by w/ove, whose civil name is Jonas Zimmermann. His first steps into music business were very different ones – as a competitor in Breakdance events. He originally wanted to write hip hop songs – but finally defined this very energetic pop music style.


Olly Alexander (Years & Years) – Dizzy

Olly Alexander is representing Great Britain in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest with Dizzy. The song is a pop track with a nice melody, but also a nostalgic touch. The song is Olly’s debut single as well – you, however, know him as former member of Years & Years.


Boy Loco – Slow Dancing

Boy Loco are an Irish-Welsh pop songwriter duo, consisting of Darren Flynn and Tudor Davies. Especially Flynn is well reputed in the British-Irish music scene and even had platinum records with solo projects. Now they join forces – this single release is definitely very promising.


Eleha – Herzschlag

Eleha had already some rather remarkable releases during the last years. Herzschlag (“Heartbeat”) is his latest song. I feel it is a really nice listen.


Judi & Cocho – Schäme mich

With Schäme mich, Judi & Cocho are on the final straight towards her new EP release Riese, which will be released in three weeks. The two musicians from Bavaria / Southern Germany are also about to tour in April 2024, majorly with German dates, but also a show in Vienna. Sounds promising.


Stereotide – Try It

Time to increase the guitar presence in my Songs of the Week this time. The energetic Try It is another single release towards the Stereotide album One, which is planned for summer 2024. Sounds like a great year lies ahead for the quartet originally founded in Nuremberg, Germany.


Antitype – Cynical Empire

After the still easy and light pop-rock sound of Try ItCynical Empire rocks us harder and darker. The alternative rockers from Hamburg and Berlin released a really catching blast this week. I definitely enjoy it.


dArtagnan – Ruf der Freiheit

Whenever the Nuremberg folk-rock band dArtagnan is releases new music, I am at least tempted to have a deeper listen. Ruf der Freiheit is another great song, which is a step towards the release of the new album Herzblut, which is due to be released in July.


Von Dannen – Besser als du denkst

Finally, some more music from Austria. The pop-rock band Von Dannen is based in Klagenfurt. I feel that especially the voice of Christoph Fischer stays in your mind. “I am better than you think”, he is stating in this song. I at least think that this song makes me smile.


Jörg Lornsen – Milliarden Bilder

Jörg Lornsen released his debut album Deine Melodie in 2022. His latest song Milliarden Bilder (“A Billion Pictures”) is his latest song publication, which is having a nice wide range of rhythmic and rather slow and thoughtful elements. Nice! Fun facts: Lornsen did not only compete in the 2022 season of the German The Voice, he also wrote and illustrated children books already. A multi-talented artist from Lübeck in Northern Germany.


falcke – Ich hass Dich noch’n bisschen

Nik Falcke aka falcke is a 25 year old singer-songwriter, but also producer from Cologne. The song is a nice blend of pop and hip hop elements. And it is a deep song in ballad style, stating “I still hate you a little bit”. I love this song.


Nemo – The Code

At the Eurovision Song Contest, you have three minutes to persuade Europe that you are the best – or at least very special. That is roughly how I feel about the music competition In that regard, Switzerland definitely found a unique sound performed by a talented artist, Nemo. Will Europe love him? We will see in May….


Betti Kruse – Wie der Wind

Wie der Wind (“Like the Wind”) features the debut EP by Betti Kruse. Für ales gib’t ‘ne Lösung (“There is a solution for everything”) will be released in May 2024. The sound of this track feels promising catching, special. I like it.



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