British Country Music Festival – Day 3 (15th Sep 2019)

The final day of the British Country Music Festival differed significantly from the two days before: the program started slightly earlier, but more than that, it already started with band on the major stage in the Ballroom. After the main act of the day, Catherine McGrath, there were some minor acts on the arena stage. Due to a lack of time to work on all the pictures, I decided to just cover the main stage that day – over 1,600 published pictures on Day 2 just exceeded some of my capacities. An overview of all three days of “TBCMF” is in the preview article.

In addition to the posting, there is a 681 major size picture gallery in the concert gallery section.

TBCMF – Day 3 – The Ballroom

The first act of the day starting at 11:20hrs was The Fatherline. Don’t know them? Not too much of a lack of knowledge, it was only their third gig yet. The reason why they still played on the large stage is the head of the band, the British versatile country god Tim Prottey-Jones. After he supported several bands playing different instruments during the festival, he could now present his own songs. It was a real treat and absolutely worth being in the arena early.







The second act of the day was “Mr. Englishman“, Jake Morrell. Morell becomes more and more one of the big names in the British country music scene, especially as he is also a good songwriter. His set was powerful and versatile and another good piece of Sunday entertainment. Tim Prottey-Jones stayed on stage, by the way – now as the “Piano Man” on the keyboard.

The third act of the day was Megan O’Neill. Megan is definitely a talented singer and writer. I saw some lacks in performing on stage. She needs to take some more steps on the country career ladder, but definitely has potential to keep on climbing on it.

The Ladies finish it – Worry Dolls & Catherine McGrath

Before the British Country Music Festival, I haven’t heard of the Worry Dolls, who had a certain fan base in Blackpool already. The female duo presents quite classic sounds with a lot of girl power and driver. Partially, her performance was excellent – however, they will have to improve to manage the stage – especially the moderation of songs did not work as well as it could be. Overall, there is a lot of potential in them definitely.

Last, but not least, there was Catherine McGrath. I am a big fan of her music, her 2018 debut album Talk of This Town was a real treat as well. However, since about a year, the used-to-be-very-open-minded girl from Northern Ireland significantly changed her communication strategy and did not publish any more songs. Nevertheless, she showed great performances at the C2C in London. Thus, I was very curious about her performance. Singing and sound was very good – sometimes, it felt like there had been some too strong technical assists, though. Her stage acting was very limited. In the previous performances in which I saw her, she was much more interactive with the people. Overall, many people liked the show and my brain cannot name real negative facts – but I at least need to accommodate to the new route Catherine is traveling there.


TBCMF – Day 3 – Splitter

There are always funny – and non-funny things happening. Here is the my daily splitter.

  • No Gillows Bar? Gillows Bar!

There were no shows in Gillows Bar on Sunday as part of the TBCMF. The more I was confused when I went to the press room and heard music from there. The bar was packed with people and pub-style music attracted the people. You just cannot take the music out of this place.


  • A new drum kit for Catherine

Sarah Darling did not need one. Ward Thomas had one and set it up in the morning already. I refer to a separate drum kit for the headliner of the day. While there were two sets of drums on stage on Saturday, one exclusively for Ward Thomas, Catherine McGraths band set theirs up right before their show – which obviously lead to a too long intermission in the anyway delayed schedule. Wake up early even if you are on the bottom of the list, please!

  • No Sunday for Remember Monday

The Dusk Brothers had a van breakdown on Saturday, Remember Sunday had to withdraw from her stage appearance due to illness. Comment by one of the other acts: “The last time we were scheduled to play with them, they cancelled as well”. Better not publish which band it was – to avoid they do not get any more gigs along the young British country group. Tennessee Waltz and Gareth Nugent gave a great show after Catherine McGrath in the small arena without them!

  • VIP, VIP, Hooray!

For a quite nominal fee, you could book VIP tickets for the event. The nice plus: you had numbered seats on balcony level and a separate bar. The downside: if you really wanted to see an act, you likely ended up on floor level anyway. And the additional treats were limited. One thing which the organizers will change in 2020 likely, I guess.

  • See you in 2020

The British Country Music Festival will return to Blackpool in 2020. There were already pre-sale tickets in the arena. The date is 4th to 6th September 2020.


TBCMF – Day 3 – The Gallery

Here is the gallery of third and final day of The British Country Music Festival, featuring 681 major size pictures:


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