Miko Marks & The Resurrectors – Race Records EP

Miko Marks - Race Records



4.2/5 Pros

  • Nice praising of classic songs
  • The six tracks do not feel outdated at all
  • Very nice vocal performance

Already during the preparation of my reviews on 1st October 2021, I ran into Race Records. The six track EP, recorded by Miko Marks and The Resurrectors, is thought to honor legendary country and Americana artists. Thereby, Race Records was a common word for any music made by black artists in the early 20th century. Here are my thoughts about the release.


Miko Marks – About The Artist

Miko Marks is a US-American country artist. The Michigan-origin is active as a professional music since 2005 already. After having two albums around that time, Freeway Bound in 2005 and It Feels Good in 2007, I could not find any publications since 2021, when she came back with the album Our Country and corresponding singles.


Miko Marks – Race Records – Track by Track

The six songs EP lasts 21 minutes.

1. Long Journey Home

The EP starts with a traditional bluegrass song. A beautiful opener – the song with washboard and harmonica has a really classic touch and also feels a bit like a gospel track. Very catching song, which does not feel outdated at all.

2. Whiskey River

This Willie Nelson classic was the first song of Race Records which Miko Marks released. I like the way she is turning it into her kind of song. Good listen.

3. Tennessee Waltz

The third track takes us to 1948, when Pee Wee King performed this classic for the very first time. A rhythmic song which is simply made to dance. Though the arrangement is very classic and traditional again, Miko Marks creates a very modern and not outdated at all atmosphere around the song. Really nice.

4. Hard Times (Acoustic)

This song has originally been written by Stephen Foster (as Hard Times Come Again No More) by Stephen Foster in the mid of the 19th century. After very wide and powerful arrangements, Miko Marks chooses a quite limited, intimate acoustic set. I feel that this leads to a really nice concentration to the lyrics of this classic.

5. Foggy Mountain Top

The fifth song is coming in a quite traditional bluegrassy style. Not as loud as the opener, but not just a fully acoustic version. I feel that Miko Marks does this song rather quickly, I could also imagine a slower tempo here.

6. Long as I Can See the Light

The EP closes with a Creedence Clearwater Revival track. The song has more drum and guitar power power than the songs before. Even though the original is quite “modern” compared to the songs before, Long as I Can See the Light in this version feels to be a perfect fit to the Race Records. A different sound which leads to a nice closing of the set of six songs.


Miko Marks – Race Records – Spotify

Here is Race Records on Spotify:


Miko Marks – Race Records – My View

Race Records is a cool idea, a cool project. And it leads to an impressive result. Miko Marks and her band are doing a nice job between creating something new and honoring the music. Great, sensitive approach. Very nice listen and a really good vocal performance.


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