Flaming Wrekage – Cathedral of Bones

Flaming Wreckage - Cathedral of Bones



3.5/5 Pros

  • Nice vocal and instrumental skills
  • Nice storyline of the songs Cons

  • No outstanding songs on the album

Hard guitar riffs from Australia: Flaming Wrekage are a treat for the metal heads among you. After having some successful touring through Oceania and Europe, the band is releasing their new album, Cathedral Of Bones on 25th February 2021. Here is my review.


Flaming Wrekage – About The Artists

Flaming Wrekage (no typo!) is an Australian Death Metal / Trash Metal act, which has been founded in in Sydney in 2009. The band members are Dave Lupton (vocals, guitar), Justin Humphry (guitar), Matt Thornton (drums) and Lachlan Campbell (bass). In 2013, they debuted with the album Catharsis. Four years later, they released their second album, From Flesh to Dust.


Flaming Wrekage – Cathedral of Bones – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Skeletons Of Giants

When you spent the first minute of song nailing down the sticks into your toms and hammering licks into the guitar strings, than you are in the land of metal. The Australians go for that little warmup, before they even increase the speed and shot some lyrics into the sounds of Skeletons Of Giants. A nice powerful opener.

2. Leech

Leech seems to seemlessly connect to the opener of the album. The song is more melodic, which is a nice contract to the quite homogenous power-stomper Skeletons Of Giants. Nice one.

3. Running Blind

Running Blind is one of the songs selected as a pre-release of the album. A wise choice: I love how the guitars create a lot of melodic and rhythmic power and drive the song – the vocals and drums just add what is need to complete a good sound. Really good!

4. Altar Of Lies

Time for some patience: this section of the album features three of the four longest songs of the album in a row – starting with the over six minute Altar Of Lies. After a one minute instrumental warm-up, Dave Lupton undoubtedly takes the lead in this tune. Guitar licks like machine guns feel to take rhythmic lead over the drums. Cool track.

5. The Voiceless

The Voiceless is the second single taken from Cathedral Of Bones. I definitely prefer Running Blind, even though the powerful middle part of this song comes with a nice touch.

6. Straight For The Kill

After a powerful and speedy beginning, Straight For The Kill decreases its tempo and finally develops towards a few lonesome guitar sounds towards the end of the song. This turns the sixth track definitely to something special on the album.

7. Hell To Pay

With 4:13 minutes, Hell To Pay almost feels like a short story after all the epic recordings before. The song comes with nice dramatic alterations during the song. Similar to Straight For The Kill, the song feels to be fading out towards the end.

8. Cathedral Of Bones

The second last spot is “reserved” for the title rocker. The band is showing some nice solos towards the middle of track, the guitars definitely have a lot of chance of present themselves in this song, which starts – and fnishes – with with speedy drumming.

9. Sin Survives

If Cathedral Of Bones is a song for the string pluckers, Sin Survives is the showcase for Matt Thornton. The song is hardly given the drummer any chance to relax – and it is the second longest song on the whole album. The finishing song is my favorite tune of the album.


Flaming Wrekage – Cathedral of Bones – Spotify

Here is Cathedral of Bones on Spotify:


Flaming Wrekage – Cathedral of Bones – My View

Cathedral of Bones might not be an outstanding masterpiece – but it is indeed a nice headbanger for the death metal fans among you. The band is doing a good in all musical disciplines, instrumentally and on the vocal side. The songs come with a nice change of speed and atmosphere. Thus, taking the trip to the Cathedral of Bones is definitely a worthy one.


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