Samantha Fish – Faster

Samantha Fish - Faster



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very versatile and entertaining album
  • Great quality, especially on the instrumental side

Despite her young age of 32 years, Samantha Fish is already loaded with awards and good receptions by the critics, especially in the blues music scene. Thus, listening to her new album Faster felt to be a really interesting review. You may check out if you agree to my thoughts from 10th September 2021 onward.


Samantha Fish – About The Artist

Samantha Fish is a blues and roots rock singer-songwriter and guitarist from Kansas City. She was born on 30th January 1989. Originally, she was a drummer, but switched to being a guitar player at the age of 15. Interestingly, her first album was a live album, Live Bait. The album lead to attention in the music industry and under a deal with Ruf Records, she really became active in as a professional artist. Together with Cassie Taylor and Danie Wilde, she released the album Girls With Guitars in 2011. The same year, she had her first solo album with that company, Runaway. This also lead to her first award, the 2012 title as the Best New Artist Debutat the Blues Music Awards in Memphis. Especially regarding her very short career, Wikipedia lists quite a long list of albums she either released solo or with other artists – Faster is already the eleventh one (and the eighth solo one).


Samantha Fish – Faster – Track by Track

The album contains twelve songs. Four of them have already been released before the album – interestingly three in live recordings. The duration of Faster is 43 minutes.

1. Faster

The album starts with its title track – and a lot of rock. Party rock which makes you smile on a very fine level.

I wanna ooh, I wanna ooh
You’re gonna ooh
That’s how I’ll make your heart beat faster, faster
I wanna ooh, I wanna ooh
You’re gonna ooh
That’s how I’ll make your heart beat faster, faster

Okay, the lyrics are not deep – but the track just makes you want to dance!

2. All Ice No Whiskey

No whiskey? That’s at least not what I am used to from all the stereotype country music songs 😉 The second song of the album has a much stronger blues touch than the opener – some passages even have a slight flavor of funk to me. Cool guitar and bass sound, which makes the song feel very cheeky. Love it!

I ain’t begging for something that I cannot have
No permission, forgiveness is better than that
I dare you to move me, stop me in my tracks
You miss when you kiss me, you’re all ice, no whiskey yeah

3. Twisted Ambition

Let the guitars play! This track simply blows me away – really cool blues rocker. There is so much happening on the instrumental side that I more and more tend to ignore that the lyrics are rather on pop music level. Don’t care – I really appreciate the song.

4. Hypnotic

Hypnotic comes with a very different sound – at least during the first 1:40 minutes of this 3:09 minutes tracks. The song feels like a cheeky electro pop song with a touch of soul. But Samantha Fish is a rock girl – and at least the bridge is loaded with riffs – before song heads back to the original groove. Nice composition.

5. Forever, Together

Forever Together is nicely driven by the main guitar riff theme. A powerful, almost a bit of angry song, which – again – comes with a great instrumental composition. The chorus has a surprisingly harmonic and melodic style.

You cant ride along forever
And we cant be alone together
Cause misery loves company you’re hangin’ on and bitter
You can’t ride along forever together with me

6. Crowd Control

Crowd Control is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Cool vibe, great instrumental performance and a catching vocal style by Samantha Fish – great music!

7. Imaginary War

The Imaginary War starts with great bass vibes, which drive the song. A 3:10 minute superb piece of powerful blues rock.

8. Loud (feat. Tech N9ne)

The Kansas City rapper N9ne gives a very special touch to this song. Rapping in the bridge on top of the guitar riffs works surprisingly good. I am typically not that much a fan of rock/pop songs with rap parts… But Samantha Fish and N9ne give it a nice touch.

9. Better Be Lonely

Better Be Lonely again comes with this very special blues rock touch. You just cannot avoid that the vibe of this track is touching you. So laid back, so cool. One of the best songs of the album, definitely.

10. So Called Lover

You say you wanna break me off, break this off, it gets you off,
You say you wanna kiss my scars, hold my heart, look what you started
True and trusted seeing stars, seeing stars in the dark I must have
Made a mark, another scar, now the stereo blares like it’s blue and busted.
Goodbye’s a high you cut another so-called lover
Go on and try, you’ll find another so called lover

So Called Lover rocks from the very first moment. It has an angry, but also very young and fresh sound. Very catchy chorus. This is definitely a track for rock lovers.

11. Like a Classic

After this guitar blaster, any song would quite likely feel like a ballad somehow. The significantly slower Like a Classic is again having a bit of R&B and thus feels to have a very own character.

12. All the Words

Like a Classic might have felt like a ballad after the uptempo-power track So Called Lover – All the Worlds is definitely a dramatic ballad. What an emotional finale of the album with one of the best vocal performances on Faster – that’s just a great way to close your recording.


Samantha Fish – Faster – Spotify

Here is Faster on Spotify:


Samantha Fish – Faster – My View

Faster just got what I love about an album. There is no doubt about the musical quality, especially on the instrumental side. The songs are well arranged and stay in mind. Samantha Fish’s album is very entertaining – I could not spot any remarkable moment of feeling bored. If you like rock or blues rock, you have to give this lady a try – not only because I had no doubt to call her songs a Top Pick!.


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