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Anna Demetriou - More To Thi



4.3/5 Pros

  • Nice set of nine calm songs
  • Very good storytelling
  • Lovely voice

So far, most of you may know Anna Demetriou as a British actress only. However, the 29 year old is also having a passion for music. On 12th May 2023, she released her debut album More To This. I happened to run into it on a promotion platform and felt I have to share it with you.


Anna Demetriou – About The Artist

Anna Demetriou was born on 13th July 1993. Her most well-known role so far is Princess Helle of Volsung in the 2018 movie Viking Destiny. She also had regular jobs as a speaker for video games, like Star Citizen, A Plague Tale: Requiem or Horizon Fobidden West. Demetriou started to release music in 2020. Her debut single I Can’t Wait is part of the album. She is also active on Twitch.


Anna Demetriou – More To This – Track by Track

The nine song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Somethin’ New

The opener of Demetriou’s debut album is the slow Somethin’ New, which almost feels like an intro, despite its duration of over four minutes. Towards the end, the song turns out to be a bit more rhythmic.

2. I Can’t Tell (If You’re Tired)

While Somethin’ New rather had a touch of ambient and pop music, the second sond I Can’t Tell Tell (If You’re Tired) is rather a slow country song. Again, the very pleasant and warm voice by the British is in focus of this track. Beautiful listen.

3. Twice The Breath

The next song on the album is Twice The Breath, which is also one out of three songs which have been released. Again, the song stats rather slowly and with a dignified touch – but then also shows some really energetic and appealing country pop song episodes.

4. Like I Do

With 3:33 minutes, the fourth track is the second shortest on the whole album. Again, Demetriou is allowing the song to develop from a decent ditty to a very present and vibeful song. In the second half of Like I Do, you feel like dancing to the music.

5. Stay With Me

Stay With Me is dream-ish, very atmospheric and comes with some folk music references. If I look at you and you look at me – just breathe. The songwriting is really lovely in here as well.

6. I Can’t Wait

I Can’t wait to open my eyes, I can’t wait to say good bye. This single release is again beautifully working with a lot of warmth and atmosphere. A perfect soundtrack if you want to have some decent background tunes during a romantic evening. However, the song is also worth to concentrate on it and enjoy the storytelling.

7. Releasing

Releasing feels a bit of surprising in the context of the album as the song is starting with a present rhythm from the very beginning. The bridge feels like a coda, before Demetriou is presenting the chorus again.

8. Lost On You

I intitially felt that the song might be a bit of mousy. However, the longer I listened to it, I appreciated the synth-driven sound and the atmosphere of the song.

9. More To This

The closing song is a heavy and dark piano ballad. Very atmospheric, but also melancholic and even a bit of depressing.


Anna Demetriou – More To This – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Anna Demetriou – More To This – My View

More To This is no mainstream radio album. It’s a bit of dark, not uplifting. But there is so much beauty in these nine songs, lovely stories. And last, but not least, there is the really characteristic, warm voice by Anna Demetriou. I definitely hope that she likes to do some more music releases in the future. I really like this one.


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