Jordan Davis – Jordan Davis EP

Jordan Davis - Jordan Davis EP



4.0/5 Pros

  • Six very nice productions
  • "Almost Maybes" and "Detours" Cons

  • I am just missing the "Jordan Davis spirit" in some tracks

After one album release in 2018, Jordan Davis is back in the (virtual and physical) record stores with his very first EP. The self-titled six song collection has been released on 22nd May 2020.


Jordan Davis – About The Artist

Jordan Davis was born on 30th March 1988 in Shreveport, Louisiana. His family is full of musical talent: his brother Jacob Davis is a country singer as well, while his uncle has been quite successful as a songwriter. Jordan Davis graduated at Louisiana State University and moved to Nashville in 2012. Four years later, he signed his first record deal. His debut, Singles You Up, which has been released in 2017, was already a massive breakthrough. The song topped the Canadian Country Charts and the US Country Airplay and also made it to the fourth spot in the US Country charts. The single was part of his debut album Home State, which has been released on 23rd March 2018 and made it up to the sixth spot of the US Country Album Charts. Two more singles, Take It From Me and Slow Dance in a Parking Lot taken from this album were quite successful as well.

Thereafter, Davis released the non-album single Trouble Town as well as three songs, which are part of Jordan Davis, which is the first EP published by that artist.


Jordan Davis – Jordan Davis EP – Track by Track

The six songs on Jordan Davis last 18 minutes:

1. Almost Maybes

The EP starts with the Almost Maybes, a song which you likely already know, as it has been released before this EP. Really nice modern country with a lot of speed and groove – nice!

2. Church In A Chevy

I went to church in a Chevy on a two-lane on a side of the road
Sun coming up cutting through the live oaks
Wind through the windows like a whisper on a breeze
Out there in the quiet heard Him talking to me
Amazing grace came flooding through the windshield
Felt some broken parts of me start to heal
My lost getting found, no one else around
Middle of nowhere dirt, I went to church in a Chevy

Lovely storytelling, great song – which is a bit of slower and feels more grooving than Almost Maybes. Definitely a great listen!

3. Ruin My Weekend

Ruin My Weekend is again a faster, very modern country song. A lot of radio potential on the one hand – on the other you just see the very signature Nashville scripting.

4. Little Lime

A touch of summer, grooving music which makes you want to dance – this is how I like Jordan Davis and his EP best. A good summer night party song – I am sure Jordan Davis stole a couple of kisses which he is writing about:

A little lime and a lot of tequila
Still buzzing off the nice to meet ya
Honestly, I’d like to see how this thing plays out
Kinda wanna know all about you
Don’t mind my arms around you, I might
Steal a kiss if I’m allowed to
And chase this night down

5. Detours

It’s been one helluva ride in my rear view
But I thank the good Lord for the detours to you

This acoustic guitar ballad is just a lovely love letter to his wife Kristen O’Connor. Lovely listen!

6. Cool Anymore feat. Julia Michaels

This collaboration with Iowa-origin pop songwirter Julia Michaels is a nice crossover of country and pop elements. Two very different voices, unfortunately with not too many parts of the song, in which both sing in parallel. But a nice finish of these six tracks.


Jordan Davis – Jordan Davis EP – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Jordan Davis’ EP:


Jordan Davis – Jordan Davis EP – My View

This review is a giving me a bit of a headache. The EP got all what I expect of an EP: different songs with different moods, none of the six tracks is weak, so it should somehow be an EP which heads straight to the Top Picks! rankings. But I just don’t feel too comfortable with that. I feel it is a great Nashville album, but I some of the songs struggle me to feel it is a Jordan Davis one. Songs, which are great productions in the musical super-talent-land of the Music City. Two songst are absolute exceptions to that: Almost Maybe and Detours give me the Jordan Davis feeling definitely. So my rating is right below the best rankings.


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