Eamonn McCormack – Eamonn McCormack

Eamonn McCormack - Eamonn McCormack



4.9/5 Pros

  • Great blues rock album
  • Very nice range of topics and styles

The first album release by the Irish artist Eamonn McCormack is already dates as of 1994. Nonetheless, his self-titled 2023 album is only his sixth one. Here is my review of the blues-rock release, which became available on 3rd February 2023.


Eamonn McCormack – About The Artist

Eamonn McCormack was born on 27th June 1962 in Dublin. He is working as a singer-songwriter, but also producing music and is having his own level. On top of that, he is a very well-reputed touring musician and for example worked with Johnny Winter or Rory Gallagher, partially under the artist name Samuel Eddy. This is also the name under which he released his first two albums, same (1994) and Strangers On The Run (1995). His first album labelled under his civil name has been released in 2008 (Kindred Spirits). Storyteller has been Eamonn McCormack’s last release. It has been published in 2020.


Eamonn McCormack – Eamonn McCormack – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Living Hell

If you want to open an album with an epic bang, do it like Eamonn McCormack. Living Hell is amazing, dramatic listen – and this epic story lasts eight minutes, meandering through rocking parts, gentle sections and rather blues-ish moment. Great atmosphere – the lyrics even turn it into an even more catching listen.

There is a dark force among us
Causing all this pain
And the innonence suffer
Just for that profit again
And how do they sleep at night?
There is a dark shadow on their soul

2. Hats off to Lemmy

This one is rocking – how else could it be? Eamonn McCormack is honoring the great Lemmy Kilmister. Or how the Irish says in the lyrics, Hats off to Lemmy, as true as a rocker can be. Nonetheless, the song still has quite some blues in his heart as well.

3. Rock ‘n’ Roll Boogie shoes

The third song opens with a bass section, before it even has a bit of a surf rock touch. The bass lines stay the characteristic part of this 3:10 minute listen. Great song which is also driven by a impressive performance on the instrumental side.

4. Lady Lindy

After Eamonn McCormack opened with that eight minute epic, can I call Lady Lindy a shorter track? And how could I not love it? After Lemmy, the Greatest, this song is praising the flight pioneer Amelia Earhart. Beautiful writing.

5. Living in the Now

After this massive listen, the next song starts as gentle as you could probably imagine – with some acoustic guitar chords and the scattered sound of the harmonica. There’s no tomorrow, you’ve got today – and yesterday is like a dream… that’s long gone. Ain’t that a beautiful one? The song does not need too much to create that “wow” thing.

6. Letter to my son

I put pen to paper to write some fatherly advice – the title and the first two rows of the sixth track already tell you what this one is about. However, the song is not really the short letter to my son Eamonn McCormack is naming in the lyrics. The song covers five minutes of good advice… and fantastic blues vibes.

7. Geronimo

Whenever I read the name of Geronimo, I think about a Cadillac – be proud if you don’t get the reference. Compared to the two songs before, the guitars are speaking a more forceful voice again. Apart from that… do I really need to say too much more? This guy is simply doing blues rock great (at least so far in his 2023 album).

8. Angel of Love

The opening words of many songs on this album already set a clear direction. Regarding Angel of Love, these words are Is this the end of civilization?. The song is fearful and accusing, dealing with a potential additional nuclear war. The songwriter asks to Sent down an angel. Hope there are other hopes as well.

9. Social Media Blues

Not only the fear for war in the song before – this album is covering a couple of really up-to-date topics. This one is having an ironic, but also very critical view on our usage of social media and electronic communication. Take me back to the old days – I guess this option is no longer possible. But the song is a lovely one, indeed.

10. The Magic of Slieve League

The closing four minutes are rather quiet. The blues elements feel to be merged with some rather pop-ish moments. The song feels to close the album is a cozy, peaceful way. Great listen.


Eamonn McCormack – Eamonn McCormack – Spotify

Here is Eamonn McCormack on Spotify:


Eamonn McCormack – Eamonn McCormack – My View

I have to give in, I almost missed to review the album when I received it some two weeks before release on an online promotion service. That would have been such a shame, indeed. Even though it is quite early in the year, Eamonn McCormack has a lot of potential to pop up in my Best of postings at the end of 2023. Fantastic album. Love it!


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