Avery Anna – Mood Swings EP

Avery Anna - Mood Swings



4.2/5 Pros

  • Lovely song atmosphere
  • Very personal, straight writes Cons

  • Just limited range of styles

Even though Avery Anna already even had some presence on European stages, the teenage artist is just about to release her debut EPMood Swings has become available on 7th November 2022. I just had to have a listen.


Avery Anna – About The Artist

Avery Anna was born on 3rd March 2004 and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Even though a music manager discovered her at the age of 14 already, she especially grew on TikTok, where her account is followed by some 1.5 million people and has 27.6 million likes. In 2022, she played the C2C Festival. Ger most popular song on Spotify so far is Narcissist (13.5m streams), which is also part of Mood Swings.


Avery Anna – Mood Swings – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. La Di Da

A powerful modern country pop song is opening Avery Anna’s debut album. The song is a really write telling teenage stories, but also the struggle of becoming famous. I really like La Di Da.

2. Narcissist

What would an Avery Anna debut without this one? The song was maybe not the door-opener, but it definitely boosted the artist’s career to a new level. The heartbeat of Narcissist is he honest and straight storytelling. Just a great listen.

3. What Made You Think?

The beautiful ballad What Made You Think? is one of the emotional highlights of the album. Anna is profiting from her amazingly personal style in this song again – you simply want to listen to her and her thoughts.

4. Lovesick

After two rather slow tracks, Lovesick comes with more rhythm and also more positive vibes. Especially towards the end of the song, you simply have to move to the beat of the song.

5. Biggest T-Shirt

The slow and emotional tracks are the pillars of Mood Swings – and thus, Biggest T-Shirt belongs to the very important songs of the album. A very fragile song with an amazing.

6. Critic

Even though Critic cannot keep up with Narcissist, the track has been a really successful release for Avery Anna as well. A lovely listen – but in the context of the other songs of the EP, I would have loved a more energetic song on this position of the album. Critic is only delivering that kind of energy slightly in the second half of the song.

7. Good Day

If you like happy country-pop vibes, Good Day will be the perfect listen at the ending of this EP. Good 2:38 minute, which might not be differ significantly from other Nashville mainstream recording, but is a nice alternative after the rather slow songs before.


Avery Anna – Mood Swings – Spotify

Here is Mood Swings on Spotify:


Avery Anna – Mood Swings – My View

Does Avery Anna still have to proof her talent? I typically expect a showcase, a wide range of different songs at a debut EP. I have to admit that this expectations are very often not met and instead, you get five, six tracks which definitely come with the same mainstream signature. This definitely does not apply for Avery Anna’s first one. Mood Swings comes with some different styles, but I would have loved to have a wider span of them. Tracks like la di da or Good Day illustrate the different kinds of potential she has. Still a good listen, of course.


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