Muscadine Bloodline – Dispatch to 16th Ave.

Muscadine Bloodline - Dispatch to 16th Ave.



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice range of nine tracks
  • Very good stories

Muscadine Bloodline are going for their second album on 4th February 2022. In line with the front release, it is named Dispatch to 16th Ave. Here are my thoughts about the set of nine tracks.


Muscadine Bloodline – About The Artists

Muscadine Bloodline is a country music duo. Both artists, Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster are natives from Mobile, Georgia. Already in their founding year 2016, thy released four singles. Thereby, the biggest success has been Porch Swing Angel. This second single release has some 52 million streams on Spotify only. 2017 featured the duo’s first, self-titled, EP. In 2020, they released their first albumBurn It at Both EndsSee You Tomorrow (four million streams on Spotify) has been the most popular song of that long-player.


Muscadine Bloodline – Dispatch to 16th Ave. – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 32 minutes.

1. Dispatch to 16th Ave.

The title track is fronting the album. Muscadine Bloodline just feel to take your hand and take you on a journey through the story of this song. Very straight, down-to-Earth country recording, which feels traditional, but also modern. You just have to like what these Georgia guys are doing.

2. My Side of Town

My Side of Town is mid-tempo, melancholic. A heart-break track, which makes you think about whether you need to look for the tissues while your eyes get a bit of wet. Towards the end of the song, it also surprises with some nice work on the guitar. Good one.

3. Dead on Arrival

For the third song, the duo are using a rather dark sound with nice rock elements. Again, the instrumental side leads to a great touch. I am sure this one is also a blast when the guys are on stage.

4. Hung Up on You

The fourth song on the one hand nicely plays with the ambiguous meaning of its title, on the other hand it is just a great song for the road. It feels like the perfect soundtrack for a long trip on the interstate. A nice symbiosis of melody and lyrics.

When I hung up on you
Bet I’ve called you back a billion times since then
But I still can’t get through
Kinda sounds like no forgiveness on your end
Filled my phone with names and numbers
That I can’t talk myself into
Since I hung up on you

5. Southern

It’s more than just magnolias and a slower pace of livin’
It’s knowin’ who you are and what you do with what you’re given
People say that we were raised a way that may seem stubborn
It’s just southern

Yeah, this one is definitely one of these country-music-stereotype songs. But the guys just do it well. Very quiet atmosphere, which just leads to a very good listen. Even I just cannot deny that I enjoy the listen.

6. The Toll

The musical transition to The Toll feels to be very easy. The song has a nice background steel guitar line. The song is close to five minutes and thus the longest track of the album. Really nice listen.

7. Dyin’ For A Livin’

Dyin’ For A Livin’ has been the most successful single of the album so far – and it is such a change compared to the two tracks before. Powerful country rock’n’roll with a lot of fun potential. You just have to move to the vibes of this song. Fun!

8. No, Pedal Steel

No, pedal steel, don’t wanna feel
As lonely as I do now
’Cause I’d lose my mind in three-quarter time
High on that lonesome sound
Now that she’s gone, I’ve lived ’em all
I’ll burn that old jukebox down
‘Cause your melody makes her memory so real
No, pedal steel

That one is another song which is having a lot of potential to give you some strong emotions. And (in case you don’t know it as a single release yet…), there is the pedal steel guitar howling in the background. Beautiful recording.

9. Down in Alabama

The closing song is a nice finish, which is again praising home – Oh lay me down in Alabama, as the chorus is stating. Not on my list of favorites, but a really solid one.


Muscadine Bloodline – Dispatch to 16th Ave. – Spotify

Here is Dispatch to 16th Ave. on Spotify:


Muscadine Bloodline – Dispatch to 16th Ave. – My View

Thanks, Muscadine Bloodline! I expected you to deliver something really good… And that’s just what you guys did. Nine songs with a nice range from party rock’n’roll to very emotional moments. I might have enjoyed one or two additional energetic songs, but Dispatch to 16th Ave. is definitely good stuff!


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