Kree Harrison – Chosen Family Tree

Kree Harrison - Chosen Family Tree



3.7/5 Pros

  • Great voice
  • Some really nice stories Cons

  • Feels repetitive
  • Too few really catching ones.

Surprise! While Kree Harrison’s Chosen Family Tree had to be moved multiple times dues to Covid-19, the US country artist finally realeased her second studio album on 21st August 2020. Here are my thoughts.


Kree Harrison – About The Artist

Kree Annette Harrison was born on 17th May 1990 in Port Arthur, Texas. She grew up in Woodville, Texas, Northeast of Houston. She already started to sing in church at the age of three. Harrison was successful in a couple of talent shows and even sang as a young child at weddings and local events. In 2001, she lost her father, who died in a plane crash in Spain. The family thereafter moved to Nashville in order to support Kree’s musical career. Her life was quite focused on that goal. In 2009, Kree’s mother was killed in a traffic accident. She audited for the twelfth season of American Idol and finally finished in 2013 as the runner-up. Her single All Cried Out made it to the 34th spot in the US Country Charts. Three years later, she released her first album, This Old Thing, which made it into the Top 30’s.  However, none of her singles went back to the charts – including the two ones which have been released before Chosen Family Tree, her second album.

K. Harrison – Chosen Family Tree – Track by Track

The twelve song Chosen Family Tree lasts 46 minutes.

1. Nothing In This World

Kree Harrison shared this track with her fans the week before the album release. If I look into the statistics, the demand of streaming this song was rather low. Really a shame, as it is a lovely, melodic and also very catching song – nice chorus, which stays in your mind.

2. I Love the Lie

Albums of young or upcoming country music artists truly reflect the tough life and conditions under which the artists have to work: for I Love the Lie, for example, there is an almost one and a half years period between the time this song has its debut (on a single) and the album on 21st August 2020. The song is very melodic, combines, modern tunes with very classic background – sort of “country for everyone?”

3. Stone Cold

A fusion of country and blues. The instruments are the melodies may be rather country style – but the groove and arrangement is blues-alike, could even be soul. This mix of genres and influences finally are nice ingredients for a nice cocktail of music. Well done!

4. Make It Easy

It ain’t supposed to go so smooth
Saying goodbye to you
It ain’t supposed to be okay
To just kiss and walk away
It’s crazy how we both agree
Since letting go of you and me
No tears and no big fights
That’s what keeps me up at night

Of all songs released before the album, this slow and intense ballad got the best reviews on Amazon Music – and I would agree that Kree Harrison did an amazing and fascinating job. Not overrated at all!

5. That’s How Hearts Get Broken

The steel guitar and even the fiddle are the dominating of this very classic touch song. Harrison’s voice is very present in this overall very melodic slow track. Absolutely impressive – one of these songs you keep on listening to in your heart after you closed your streaming provider quite a while again.

6. The Chokin’ Kind

Oh yeah, when you fall in love again
Take a tip from me oh please
If you don’t like the peach, then just walk on by the tree
That’s what you do
Find what you want
Oh Keep it, treat it sweet and kind, oh yeah
Just let it breathe, no don’t make it the chokin’ kind

I like the story and the way it is told – but on the other hand, I feel that regarding the sound, the melody and the atmopshere, this track is rather something for the Kree Harrison fanboys and fangirls – and that’s the kind of people she currently needs at this part of her career. To me, this song is simply weaker than many others we found so far.

7. Second Choice

This a bit more of feelings, which turns a lovely romantic song into a slushy a tearjerker is somethings a very small difference. At Second Choice, I sometimes feel Kree Harrison is at least too close to this passage from good song to simply too much. Feels too intense and too old-fashioned. Undoubtedly, though, this song demonstrates Harrison’s vocal talent very impressively.

8. Get Away With Anything

After that critics, I am happy to give some positive thoughts again: the angry Get Away With Anything is especially having a very nice chorus, which makes you enjoy and listen to this song.

9. The End of the World

Compared to Second Chance, The End of The World feels factual and sober. I feel it is a nice song, but not an overwhelming one.

10. Lie With Me

The song has some rhythm and a nice drive and speed through its story. But overall, it does not feel that it releases Harrison’s full potential. Much better towards the end, definitely.

11. Mother

In this eleventh track, Kree Harrisons turns John Lennon’s Mother to an even slower song. I do not feel this transformation was a god one. If you haven’t pressed the forward button during the first three minutes of the track, you miss its powerful finish. I feel it comes too late.

12. Chosen Family Tree

I recently run into albums which close with the title track quite frequently. Another slow track with a lot of classic country feeling – but this time another good one! Like the track before, it get power and musical variety, rather feels like a gospel song there.


K. Harrison – Chosen Family Tree – Spotify

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Kree Harrison – Chosen Family Tree – My View

I really value Kree Harrison’s talent – but I am not sure whether this selection of songs for her second album was an excellent choice. There is no doubt that especially technically, there are hardly any reasons to criticize her. But overall, the songs are too close to each other. Especially at the beginning of a new career, you must not neglect your musical business card and show a varierty of songs. Bad luck, I am sure she could showcase her talent better than in Chosen Family Tree.


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