3.9/5 Pros

  • Very straight, powerful concept
  • A metal firework Cons

  • Just four songs

If you don’t find a title for your EP, you’re in trouble… Just take the genre and make the letters double? Okay, that one is a bit too cheap, but the US-American band Escuela Grind use the concept of naming a release the second time. This time, they share their EP DDEEAATTHHMMEETTAALL with us on 12th January 2024. I had a listen.


Escuela Grind – About The Artists

Escuela Grind is a metal-hardcore band from Massachusetts. The US-Americans have been founded in 2016. The band got some merits as a support act of major acts already. Furthermore, they look back to two album releases, the 2020 Indoctrination and the 2022 Memory Theater. By the way, their debut EP released in 2020 was named Ppoowweerrvvioolleennccee and thus follows about the same title scheme than the current release. The band is a quartet, lead by singer Katerina Economou. The other band member are drummer Jesse Fuentes, guitarist Kris Morash and bassist Tom Sifuentes.


Escuela Grind – DDEEAATTHHMMEETTAALL – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. Ball and Chain

The album starts forceful. From the very first second, the single release Ball and Chain is blowing you away with a humming bass and marching drums. A song full of growling and screaming. Metalheads will love this opener.

2. Punishment Ritual

Time to relax? Starting it easy? Not with these guys from the USA? They rather burp into the microphone than giving you a second of a thought that there could be some time without metal force, powering guitars and thumbing drums. Towards the middle of the song, Jesse Fuentes even increases the speed of his drumming significantly. Feels like the afterburner of that song.

3. Abyssal Plane

If there is any doubt that the album title Ddeeaatthhmmeettaall could be inappropriate until that point of listening, the first 30 seconds of the three minute track Abyssal Plane feel like a clear statement. Luckily, the Americans slow down (a bit) thereafter.

4. Meat Magnet (with Barney Greenway)

You can easily see the reputation of Escuela Grind in the metal music scene by that guest musician: for their single release Meat Magnet, they worked with nobody but Napalm Death singer Barney Greenway. Needless to say that they continue with that full rock power sound. The vocal collaboration leads to a very interesting upgrade of the sound of the band.


Escuela Grind – DDEEAATTHHMMEETTAALL – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:



Wow, that’s a blast. If you are seeking for a full blast of metal power for almost a quarter of an hour, that’s your soundtrack. There are no breaks in this EP – until you hit the pause button. However, you if like to have surprising breaks, contrasting elements and rather complex plots, Escuela Grind’s 2024 EP will not be your best friend.

Favorite Song: Meat Magnet


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