Plastic Mars – Up To Our Necks

Plastic Mars - Up To Our Necks



4.0/5 Pros

  • Very powerful and straight recording
  • Entertaining music, well-done for partying at a concert Cons

  • Too few new tracks

A new punk rock project from the West parts of Germany: Plastic Mars are active since about four years. On 30th July 2021, they release their debut album Up To Our Necks. Here is my review.


Plastic Mars – About The Artists

Plastic Mars are a band from Limburg in the Northwest part of the German state of Hesse. The band exists since 2017, when Ronny Niedzwetzki (guitar, vocals) decided to found a new punk rock band. He found drummer Martin “Maddin” Wagner and bassist Marius Schulz. Later, the band completed as a quartet by adding guitarist Chris. In 2020, the band released their first EP Here We Go. All five songs of this EP are also part of Up To Our Necks.


Plastic Mars – Up To Our Necks – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Rocket 158

A rocket launch with a countdown at the beginning of Up To Our Necks: right after the band has counted down from ten to zero, they ignite the guitar riffs and make me smile. The promotion platform calls their style Funpunk – and indeed, there is a good feeling listening to this album from the very first moment. Even the welcome on the lyrics side is promising:

Hello and welcome onboard to the 158 rocket
Sit down, let’s a drink, we start to a brand-new plant
It will take a little longer than thirty seconds to Mars
Lean back and have some fun – we have the best soundtrack in the universe.

2. Shout It Out

Shout it out, shout it out, just scream it loud – the punk rock party continues with the second track. A straight, powerful and rhythmic rocker, which makes you party and sing-a-long with the band. Sometimes, the slight accent in the lyrics is a bit bothering. But overall, it is a 3:10 minute fun time.

3. Drowned (In Applications)

Even though the track is picking a quite interesting topic (virtual reality and the world of electronics surrounding us), this song again just does what Plastic Mars did the two tracks before: putting good lyrics into a nice melodic shape and add some elements which ensure that  people will love it during their live shows. Music made for the stage – and to rock with your fans. Well done, Plastic Mars!


4. Coca Queen

Not too deep in lyrics, but a punk rocker praising love and the beloved one. Again, there is a lot of opportunity to have a chant to the music and the lyrics with the boys. Nice track.

5. Submissive Boy

The fifth track is driven by power guitar riffs and a rather melodic chorus. Plastic Mars is doing full power music – so far, the album is a lot of fun.

6. I’m Sorry

After two songs which I could at least not find as a release so far, I’m Sorry has been part of the releases to promote Up To Our Necks. One of the songs of the album, which feel that familiar – just because they sound like songs recorded by the big names of the genre. One of my favorites on the melodic side.

7. Scherben

Yeah, the guys do it in their native language as well – Scherben (“Shards”) is one of two German lyrics track in the second half of their debut album. The song reminds of some Böhse Onkelz tracks – very good straight lyrics and a powerful instrumentation, in which the hard rock elements are dominant.

8. Are You Ready

Maybe a bit of weird to ask the listener Are You Ready after seven tracks have already been completed. Especially as I don’t like the first minute of this track too much, it is not one of my favorites – but it is a good listen.

9. Wohlstand über alles

Wohlstand über alles (“Wealther above everything”) is one of the most punk-feeling songs. A very clear social-critic track, which comes with a good message.

10. In Our Own Hands

The tenth tracks is one of my favorites of the album. I am sure it is a great one on stage, when the audience can raise their fists to the energetic Fight shouts. I also like that the song is having quite a strong punk character again. Nice!


11. Taste Of Freedom

Calling Taste Of Freedom a ballad would be quite misleading – but the melodies are definitely much more in focus of this last song of the album – and the guitars have to be a bit more quiet. Almost a touch of Americana rock in here. Not too much of my favorite song, though.

Plastic Mars – Up To Our Necks – Spotify

Here is Up To Our Necks on Spotify:


Plastic Mars – Up To Our Necks – My View

Up To Our Necks is definitely an impressive debut. Plastic Mars is doing a very straight, powerful sound. There is no really weak song on the album (even though some are better, some are worse…). Fans might not like that the majority of tracks has already been released. Thus, Up To Our Necks is likely even rather the right options for Plastic Mars new listeners than for die-hard followers of the four guys. Good job!


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