Gutrectomy – Manifestation Of Human Suffering

Gutrectomy - Manifestation Of Human Suffering



4.2/5 Pros

  • Entertaining metal noise
  • Very versatile tracks Cons

  • Not suitable for all kinds of music listeners 🙂

Some hard sounds from Germany: Gutrectomy are doing brutal deathcore. I was really curious if their music is as scary as that sounds – and their second album Manifestation Of Human Suffering is just a good option to check it out. It has been released on 25th February 2022.


Gutrectomy – About The Artists

Gutrectomy is a band from Lörrach in Southern Germany. Founded in 2011, they initially rather did slam and brutal death metal. Nowadays, they are rather into brutal deathcore. The current lineup is Philip Dahlenburg (guitars), Dennis Schuler (vocals), Louis Weber (bass) and Simon Wernert (drums). Dahlenburg and Schuler are founding members of the band. Gutrectomy released their first EP Slamageddon in 2014. The first album Slamcopalypse (2017) is first full-length release so far. In 2020, the German band added the EP Slaughter the Innocent.


Gutrectomy – Manifestation Of Human Suffering – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Abyss

The trip to the Abyss lasts some 80 seconds. A short intro leading already the direction to what the trip of the Manifestation Of Human Suffering will be alike: dark and heavy.

2. Shrine Of Disgust

Dennis Schuler is going for the perfect growl and screaming in this first proper song of the album already. The song is very versatile, from hammering drums to comparably (comparably, not really…) quiet parts. Dark metal tunes, which still lead to sunshine in the heart of the listener.

3. Slaves To Greed

Slaves to Greed starts a bit of slowly, but then switches the gearbox for the faster speeds after some forty seconds for the first time. The song is a steady change between slowly marching parts and fast episodes. Like very often in this genre, I feel with the drummer. This rhythmic machine gun as very well maintained hands and feet, I feel.

4. Perish In Selfishness

If you feel like you are listening to the same kind of noise for the fourth song now, you just don’t like this genre. I can’t find the right words (I could not even describe it in German, I feel) for the sound Schuler is creating here – but it is fun to listen to these guys. The plot of the song is not boring at all.

5. Scorched Earth

There seems to be a sudden general explosion of mass homicide – the fifth track is starting with these news-alike words. They are the least thrilling moment of the whole track. The Germans have everything you need: instrumental mastering and great work on the microphone. Really enjoyable listen.

6. Drained

Drained just lasts 59 seconds and thus works like an interlude. Not too much more to say about it.

7. Cranial Excavation

That’s a lovely headbanger: the key rhythm is – partially – not too quick and there are even some break to relax your neck. The distortion of the vocals still fascinates me, that’s it.

8. Condemned To Suffer

I would like to have a text book for this review – please excuse me that I don’t get all the stuff Gutrectomy are singing there. Again, the band nicely works with different styles, speeds, distortion. While some melodies feel a bit “already heard on this album before”, the versatility comes from the microphone and some sounds they are mixing to their music. The closing of this one is rather slow.

9. Diarrhea Diving Club

One day, I need to add a metal playlist to my portfolio – this track already qualifies for it by the song title. The rather slow song would however not too much qualify by the song quality. I prefer other tracks much more.

10. Scavenger Of Hatred

Scavenger of Hatred features a lot of growling sounds and high-frequency drumming again – even though the song has a lot of rather slower parts. Not bad – but again, not on my list of favorites.

11. Atrocious Evisceration

The second last track of the album shows that slower Gutrectomy songs may work very well – really enjoy the sound and listen. And the end rather comes with speed and power.

12. Apocalyptic Squirt Tsunami

Another song title, which by itself already makes the song worth listening to. Good vibes lead to a really nice 3:14 minute finale of the album.


Gutrectomy – Manifestation Of Human Suffering – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Gutrectomy – Manifestation Of Human Suffering – My View

I did not know what brutal deathcore is. And, at least when it is done by Gutrectomy, it feels to be really fun. Some songs are weaker than the remaining album, but the German guys definitely leave a damn good impression.


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