Treaty Oak Revival – Have a Nice Day

Treaty Oak Revival - Have a Nice Day



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very good country rock album
  • Very fluent listen

Especially during the last weeks, I ran into a lot of album and EP releases, which in fact just contained one or two new songs on top of a bunch of already published material. The sophomore album of the country-rock band Treaty Oak Revival takes a very different strategy: none of the songs of Have a Nice Day has been released as a single before.  I had a deeper listen to this 24th November 2023 release.


Treaty Oak Revival – About The Artists

2021 has been quite a break-through year for Treaty Oak Revival: The band from West Texas did not only release their debut album No Vacancy, the album also got critics and lead to some successful singles. Three tracks, Ode To BourbonMissed Call and the title track nowadays have more than ten million Spotify streams each. However, the band did not feel to be that active thereafter. The more, they surprised with the album announcement in early November 2023. The most prominent member of the Treaty Oak Revival is singer (also acoustic guitar) Sam Canty. The other band members are Lance Vanley, Jeremiah Vanley (both guitars), Andrew Carey (bass) and drummer Cody Holloway.


Treaty Oak Revival – Have a Nice Day – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Stop & Stare

If there wasn’t Sam Canty, Stop & Stare would be typical country rocker with a catchy melody, a nice drive, good vibes. However, the singer is finally giving a very special and unique touch with his characteristic voice. The opener to the band’s sophomore album is definitely promising.

2. In Between

In songs like In Between, Treaty Oak Revival profit from the wide guitar force they have in the studio and on stage. There is always something happening, either on the lyrics level or in the six string department. The song is a cool rocker with a strong country vibe. Really good listen.

3. Wrong Place Wrong Time

Treaty Oak Revival keep on rocking. The components of their songs stays the same at Wrong Place Wrong Time. However, I like the very melodic and catching chorus  and the nicely howling guitar theme.

4. Have A Nice Day

The title track is also the longest song of them. The bass is opening song with groovy vibes, before the guitar take back the control they had the songs before. The band keeps the rock level up and delivers good melodies. Nonetheless, there is a rather versatile and entertaining sound so far.

5. I’m The Worst

And they’d probably rather see me dead than alive
It’s okay
I don’t really aim to please much anyway
But a name is a name
And mine may as well be a curse
It’s just easy to say I’m the worst

The fifth track is one of the best of the album to me. Apart from a short coda, there is a lot of power. The defiant story is good, the song is simply good fun to listen.

6. See You In Court

You’re tired of fighting babe and now you think you want a war but
You say I’m guilty babe but, I ain’t even called my lawyer

Okay, the lyrics are kind of intense, but the very groovy style of the song even adds a lot of intensity. The guitar and bass play rather remind of a harder blues rocker. Very fun listen.

7. Fishnets

The key feature of Fishnets is the beautiful instrumental theme. The song as such is a good one and has a lot of potential for mainstream country radio stations. In the context of the album, the song has a bit of a lack of power in regards of self-assertion.

8. Close Encounters

Similar to FishnetsClose Encounters has a typical modern country hook. Thus the song feels to make right into the heart of country music listeners. Nice one.

9. Haunted House

The song is (again) driven by bulky guitars in the background at the beginning. However, the vocal part is dominating in this song, which also has slower and quieter moments as well.

10. Chasing My Tail

Why do I pick myself up just to get torn down
I keep kicking my own ass
Just to come back another round
And It feels like I can’t help myself with setting up to fail
If you need me I’ll be wasting my time
Chasing my tail

I would describe with final song as a country-power ballad. The song is definitely the most personal and emotional listen on the album. The band is doing this challenge with ease.


Treaty Oak Revival – Have a Nice Day – Spotify

Here is Have a Nice Day on Spotify:


Treaty Oak Revival – Have a Nice Day – My View

I feel I already said everything I need to about this album: Treaty Oak Revival delivered a straight and very entertaining country rock album. There is maybe not a striking smash hit, but the US-American band simply gives you an enjoyable time.

Favorite Song: In between


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