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Grizfolk - Grizfolk



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very versatile ten songs
  • Good sounds, very entertaining music

Some music from California: Grizfolk in fact has Scandinavian roots, but are now based on the US West Coast. On 30th July 2021, they release their third studio album. The self-titled release has been published on 30th July 2021.


Grizfolk – About The Artists

Groizfolk is an alternative rock band, which is having Swedish roots, but is in fact based in Los Angeles. Adam Roth is the lead singer and one of the guitarists of the band. The other band members are Frederik Eriksson (guitar), Sebastian Fritze (synth, backing vocals) and Billa Delia (drums). The band started with a series of four EPs between July 2013 and December 2014, before they released their debut album Waking Up the Gints in 2016. In 2019, they released their second album, Rarest of Birds, which was also the basis of a rather long tour.


Grizfolk – Grizfolk – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 31 minutes.

1. Fumes

The album is starting with Fumes, a song which on the one hand almost feels majestic, but on the other hand also features some rather slow and quiet folk-alike passages. Overall, a very interesting, catching song, which feels to be a great appetizer to what lies ahead.

2. Be My Yoko

The second track, Be My Yoko has two key elements to me: first of all, there is a lovely, catching melody, which is also leading to a nice groove. On the other hand, that Adam Roth does a great job on the microphone here. The result is a beautiful, rhythmic track. which just stays in your mind.

3. California High

Contrasts at California High again: while some parts feel like a choral part, which makes you think whether you want to sway to the rhythm, other parts are a straight rocker. The result is a very good listen, not boring at all, with good work on the strings and the microphone.

4. Now That I Know

In Now That I Know, Grizfolk are a bit more experimental. Distorted guitar sounds, synth and electronic melodies – this album definitely does not get boring (so far). Again, the band also uses rhythmic breaks and changes. In the chorus, Roth is almost angrily shouting Now That I Know. Good listen.

5. Gone

While there were a lot of alternating elements in the song before, Gone feels like a surprisingly straight folk rock track. Nice vibe and good rhythmic work on this song.

6. The Ripple

The Ripple opens a series of three tracks which have already been released by the band. The hat in the music video below is a perfect fit – The Ripple has a strong touch of a country rock song. The nice rhythmic groove is a key element of this song.

7. Money

The style of the song stays a in the country-Americana spirit, especially at the beginning of the track. There are even some harmonica sounds in the song, which is in the intro majorly driven by Billa Delia on the drums.

8. Queen of the Desert

After some rather quiet and intimate moments, the guitars are smashing riffs and Delia is hitting the base drum hard. Wake up, Queen of the Desert is coming. The guitars feel like ZZ Top at an angry day, but here and there, the chorus surprises with very harmonic and gentle moments. The louder parts catch me better, but I love the contrast in the Grizfolk tracks.

9. Howlin’

With Howlin’, the band is presenting a rather slow moment on the Grizfolk album. And, indeed, Roth is howling the chorus in this song, which has major acoustic guitar sections. Huu-huu-huu, I like it.

10. Stargazer

Grizfolk don’t take out the electric guitars any more for this album. They finish the song with Stargazer, in which the acoustic guitar is gently scrumming to the Adam Roth’s vocals. Like a lullaby, beautiful.


Grizfolk – Grizfolk – Spotify

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Grizfolk – Grizfolk – My View

Grizfolk did a very nice job in their self-titled album. There is a nice wide range of songs and sounds. The opener almost feels like a pop track, but thereafter the songs travel through rock and Americana genres. Grizfolk is always surprising, but also entertaining. And it comes with catching melodies. in Greater Los Angeles

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