Polo & Pan – Cyclorama

Polo & Pan - Cyclorama



4.2/5 Pros

  • Well-crafted electronic sounds
  • Nice variety, tracks in English and French Cons

  • Some tracks are a touch too long for me

Trying out something new on I have been offered Cyclorama by the French duo Polo & Pan for a review. I do have a certain favor for synth-pop – but their style is even stronger on the electronic side with some lounge elements. How would I do like in this kind of genre? Hope you enjoy this review, release date is 25th June 2021.


Polo & Pan – About The Artists

Polo & Pan are active since 2013. The French music duo consists of Paul Armand-Dellile (called Polocorp) and Alexandre Grynszspan (Peter Pan). They do electronic music / synth-pop. They debuted in 2013 with their EP Rivolta and from then on regularly released music. So far, the duo released seven EPs. Cyclorama, however, is only the second album of the project. Polo & Pan’s first album was Caravelle in 2017. The album received a golden record in their home country.


Polo & Pan – Cyclorama – Track by Track

The fourteen track album lasts 63 minutes.

1. Come

The first track (which originally comes with an accent on the o – but I try to avoid them on…) lasts 2:35 minutes, but is in fact an intro to the album.

2. Ani Kuni

The first full track on the album is Ani Kuni, which feels a bit of childish and naive, but on the other hand gives a happy vibe. In fact, the song is a reference to the childhood of the authors. The lyrics are written in a fictive language.

3. Magic

Some tracks on Cyclorama are really having an epic length. Magic, the third song on the album, is one of them, lasting 6:49 minutes. The song rather feels like a remix of a track, which has the touch of a 1980’s song. Even though there are very different variations of the main theme as well as other melodic elements, this song does not catch me that much, at least not during its full duration.

4. Attrape Reve

Attrape Reve (which means something like “Trapped in a Dream”, if I get that right. Is the first song on the album with full lyrics. This song is in French, but Cyclorama comes with English lyric ones as well. An interesting arrangement with quite some echo and a main melody, which is put on top of the female voices.

5. Tunnel (feat. Channel Tres)

Tunnel is one of the songs which the duo released before the album. It is a typical club track. Put your dancing shoes out and enjoy the rhythm and enjoy. Well arranged and recorded – even though I do not relate to that style of music in general too much.

6. Requiem

Requiem really spreads melancholy and sadness, especially at the beginning. The press pack states that the song is one of the tracks on the album that is aiming to relate to unconventional cinematic music. Later, the track more and more falls into a club and dance style, which I feel to miss the topic a bit. The last minute of the five minute song is very good again.

7. Feel Good

We love to bring sunshine to our listeners is the statement of the duo regarding Feel Good. The chorus is very catchy and turns it into a really nice electronic pop song with a very groovy style, especially during the keyboard sample. My favorite song of the album.

8. Melody

Even though the title might not suggest it, the eighth track is heading back to French lyrics. The song has a nice groove, the snipping sound as a main rhythmic element leads to a nice vibe. Very entertaining track.

9. Oasis

Cyclorama is also a travel through very different scenes and types of atmosphere. Oasis is thought to take you into the Sahara Desert  and in fact the song is nicely matching African-alike rhythms with electronic sounds. A great track for the dancefloor as well, which is quite versatile, despite its rather long duration of over six minutes.

10. Artemis

Back in French – and another really interesting reference. The link to the Greek Goddess of Hunting and the Forest might not be that surprising. However, the song is also relating to a prelude written by Johann Sebastian Bach. The song is rather short, though.

11. Jiminy

Jungle, a touch of psychedelia and epic drops – if you go with the press kit for the songs, the two French musicians put quite a lot into this eleventh track. At least, you can recognize all the elements. I like the melodic lines in the song. A great song to make you move again.

12. Bilboquet

The twelfth song is another reference to cinematic songs. I feel that Bilboquet is better done as its predecessor in that range of topics. The song spreads a lot of ease and happiness to the listener.

13. Les Jolies Choses

The sound of Les Jolies Choses remind me a bit of the fourth track of the album. Finally, there are nice female vocal elements in that track. Nice elements combined to a happy sound.

14. Peter Pan (feat. Antonin)

He is my Peter Pan
She is my Tinker Bell
Everyone knows the end
Let’s go to Neverland

The song is full of imagination. It is a nice reference at the end of the album to all the happy, easy, naive songs on the album. Really nice listen. The accent in the vocals disturb me, however.


Polo & Pan – Cyclorama – Spotify

Here is Cyclorama on Spotify:


Polo & Pan – Cyclorama – My View

Cyclorama is actually quite enjoyable. As said, some parts of the album give my musical preferences a rather hard time, but the album is a nice collection of different sounds and songs. The tracks are well crafted – which definitely is a huge positive thing. Good one!



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