Fiddler’s Green – The Green Machine

Fiddler's Green - The Green Machine



4.9/5 Pros

  • Great folk rock songs
  • Superb for partying, but also some emotional moments
  • No major weak spots

Irish folk rock made in Franconia, Germany? Fiddler’s Green proof that this can be quite a success. With The Green Machine, they already release their ninth studio album. They do it at a time at which hardly any other major act dares to release music in the Western world – right between Christmas and New Year. Here is my preview of the 29th December 2023 release.


Fiddler’s Green – About The Artists

Fiddler’s Green have already been founded in 1990 in Erlangen. The German folk rock and folk punk band is nowadays a sextet. Two band members, singer, guitarist and Irish bouzouki player Ralf Abi Albers and bassist Rainer Schulz. the other band members are Stefan Klug (accordion, bodhrán), Thomas Heindl (violin, vocals), Frank Jooss (drums, percussion) and Patrick Pat Prziwara (vocals, guitar). The band is very popular on records, but also on stage. Already 14 years after founding, they had their 1000th show. The most successful album releases so far have been Winners & Boozers (2013) and Heyday (2019), which both hit the Top 10 of the German Album Charts.


Fiddler’s Green – The Green Machine – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Shanghaied In Portsmouth (feat. Mr Hurley & Die Pulveraffen)

The album opens with the two songs which have already been released as singles. The opener comes with intense, stomping and speedy drums and a perfect chorus to sing-a-long easily. Even if you are a die-hard train or car rider – you immediately want to become a sailor when listening to these tunes. Cheers!

2. The Bog

The song opens with a playful fiddle tune – and the song definitely keeps that ease even when the melodic section becomes wider. A special mention to drummer Frank Jooss – his beat machine just makes you want to dance. You can’t dance? No worries, the music will give you a suitable, weird style.

3. A Good Old Irish Bar

For a drink in a good Irish bar. The Franconian band takes you out on a drink to their imaginative home country. Again, your feet need to be at their quickest when you want to keep up with the lightspeed rhythm the third song is defining. Especially at the beginning of this song, you also feel the slight punk soul of Fiddler’s Green.

4. My Fairy Of The West

The fourth track kicks off wine one of these magical Irish folk fiddle solos. A nice song, which is surprisingly pop-ish. That’s how they sing about love in Ireland… I mean Erlangen.

5. I Don’t Like Alcohol

I don’t like alcohol
The devil’s stuff goddam, at all.
But alcohol does like me
And who am I to disagree?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the perfect Irish folk rock drinking song. I don’t need to say more than that. If you had one pint… or two… or many more. You can bawl that chorus and have fun. Somehow simple, but genius.

6. A Fleecy Cloud

After you had a couple of liters of alcohol just while listening to the 3:32 minute predecessor, it is a good opportunity to calm down and become emotional. A Fleecy Cloud gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. The song is a lovely fiddle-driven ballad.

7. Ready For The Ball

The guitars become more rocking – this Irish event is definitely on fire. Might be because Fiddler’s Green are on stage. At least if you imagine the scenery and story of Ready For The Ball a bit while listening to the seventh track.

8. May The Road Rise Up To Meet You

Okay, that’s not a too nice message. The song feels surprisingly intense like a country music song. However, Nashville would likely not accept the chorus and pre-chorus using that kind of language. The Explicit Lyrics is guaranteed for this song – but it f*cking (one of the words in it) makes me smile.

9. I Need A Volunteer

I Need A Volunteer comes with very special vibes – a touch of Latin rhythm vibes are spread by the ninth song. However, Fiddler’s Green do Fiddler’s Green music – and not only due to the familiar sounds like on the microphone you enjoy the unexpected groove.

10. Hangover

This 3:20 minute Hangover is a bit slower than the song before. Not too surprisingly – how you you do a quick dance while singing I have a hangover. If you want be the arms of your friends and sing a song together during or between some beer – I am sure this song will boost the party.

11. Muirsheen Durkin

Towards the end of the album, Fiddler’s Green goes for this classic, which The Dubliners have made famous globally. The easily make it turning the song into (another) real catch.

12. The Parting Glass

Another cover song is closing the album. The Parting Glass is a traditional Scottish classic. The slow and dignified version creates the perfect farewell.


Fiddler’s Green – The Green Machine – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Fiddler’s Green – The Green Machine – Track by Track

Just when that the music year 2023, Fiddler’s Green simply say “no”. It ain’t over till the band is singing their whole album. And they do it in amazing way. I am sure the on-stage experience during the upcoming tour is even better.

Favorite Song: I Don’t Like Alcohol


Fiddler’s Green – The Green Machine Tour 2024

Fiddler’s Green are just about to finish a tour through Germany. In April 2024, they are back with a headline tour, supported by The Feelgood McLouds (all dates but Dresden and Leipzig / 101 Fahrenheit at these shows)

Fr 22.03.2024 Schaffhausen (Switzerland) – Kammgarn
Sa 23.03.2024 Langenthal – Old Capitol
Th 11.04.2024 Wiesbaden (Germany) – Schlachthof
Fr 12.04.2024 Cologne – Carlswerk Victoria
Sa 13.04.2024 Erfurt – HsD
Fr 19.04.2024 Münster – Skaters Palace
Sa 20.04.2024 Bremen – Schlachthof
Fr 26.04.2024 Nuremberg – Löwensaal
Sa 27.04.2024 Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn
Fr 03.05.2024 Munich – Backstage Werk
Sa 04.05.2024 Kaiserslautern – Kammgarn
Th 09.04.2024. Hamburg – Markthalle
Fr 10.05.2024 Leipzig – Anker
Sa 11.05.2024 Dresden – Tante Ju
Fr 17.05.2024 Berlin – SO36
Sa 18.05.2024 Braunschweig – Westand


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