Tucker Beathard – King

Tucker Beathard - King



4.2/5 Pros

  • Wide variety of songs
  • Good stories Cons

  • Some songs could just have an even better touch

When Tucker Beathard supported Dierks Bentley during his UK tour in 2016, I ran into the young artist for the very first time. I loved listening to his music and follow his career. Not too surprisingly, I thus looked forward to listen to his second album King, which he released on 21st August 2020. The album is dedicated to Tucker’s brother Clay King, who got killed in Nashville in December 2019.


Tucker Beathard – About The Artist

Tucker Beathard is a Nashville-born artist aged 25 (birthday: 24th January 1995). His family is quite famous, his father is a songwriter, his uncle is a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. This grandfather Bobby Beathard is an NFL Hall of Famer. Tucker Beathard was a good baseball player, but changed his career to music after tearing his shoulder. He played some shows with his father in later 2014 and signed a record deal in 2015. His debut single Rock On was already really successful. It placed ninth in the US Country Charts in 2016 and even was second in the US Country Airplay. The song was part of his second EP Fight Like Hell, which went up to the fourteenth spot in the charts. The following singles and his 2018 debut album Nobody’s Everything could however not connect to this success.


Tucker Beathard – King – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Better Than Me

Better Than Me made three million streams on Spotify online. Tucker Beathard developed a lot from than young, somewhat shy guy with his guitar singing Rock On I remember from his London show. And he did that development damn well. Need any proof? Listen to this tune!

2. You Would Think

This track, which has already been released in February 2020, is just that strong. Some touch of electric guitars, but intimate as an acoustic track. Such a blast – I love it!

3. One Upper

After two songs Beathard released before the album, the first new sound to his fans. One Upper starts very groovy, but for the chorus, the tracks adds quite some force (and melodic strength as well). The song has a hard time, though, after the first two amazing ones. Which does not mean it is a weak track.

4. 20/10 TN

Hey it’s me
I’m just wondering where you are?
I woke up late
I think the game’s about to start
You know where I’ll be
Just sitting here at home, let’s go Tennessee

This song is very slow, but it is intense. I love to listen it. Great autobiographic story-telling. Impressive!

5. Paper Town

Paper Town has a lot of thrilling and contrasting elements. At the end, it becomes really rocking. Only one out of two tracks which exceed four minutes. Bad luck, he is a great songwriter, indeed.

6. You On

You On is a very lovely-flowing, impressive ballad, which is just adding some background sounds, but finally is concentrating on the story. Nice listen.

7. Miss You Now

You’re the wind on the highway
Every song stuck on my brain
Every sunset when I drive south is you somehow
So I don’t miss you now
You’re the words that I can’t say
And the smile that I can’t fake
That Sunday rain on a tin roof sound is you somehow
So I don’t miss you now
No I don’t miss you now

Also a rather slow track. Miss You Now is not the strongest track on the album to me, but it is a nice listen.

8. Only

With close to five minutes, this is the longest track on the album. It took quite a while until I really enjoyed it, but after that, I really felt it is an enjoyable and good track. Strong electric guitar elements give it a lot of power. Well done!

9. Find Me Here

I wish I was on a plane or hopping trains
Standing with my thumb in the air, waving down a cab somewhere
Really I don’t wanna be caught in room 316
With a hotel bible as a coaster underneath my beer
And Lord if you decide tonight’s the night
You’re coming back, I hope you don’t find me here

Acoustic guitar, Tucker Beathard’s voice. That’s all what it needs to do a strong, impressive track. Love it.

10. Too Drunk

Too Drunk surprised me from the very first moment. Sounds grungy and has a good touch of the blues. Rather a rock track than country music sound. Not at all a bad way to do it, Tucker!

11. Faithful

I am still in Too Drunk and nearly miss Faithful. Another very rocking song, but this time with a much stronger country touch. Nice one!

The video below is not the album version, but an amazing version with Lindsay Ell. Just had to share it instead:

12. Can’t Stay Here

We are fully back in the modern country music sounds. This one is a quite straight radio track. It feels a bit hidden in this selection of songs – but it is indeed rather a hidden gem than a boring one. One of my favorites on this album.

13. I Ain’t Without You

You’re the sun on my face
You’re a cool breeze blowin’
You’re a second wind
“Keep on going”
You’re a tug on my heart
The light from my head
You’re a feeling and a knowing
I ain’t without you

The album finishes in a classic way: a slow, deep and well-written ballad. Beautiful musical statement of love.


Tucker Beathard – King – Spotify

Here is the widget to King:


Tucker Beathard – King – My View

This guy just got so much talent. No matter if it is about the quiet sounds and romantic melodies or whether electric guitars give hard times to the speakers – Tucker Beathard sounds great and tells his stories. King is definitely a nice statement of this potential and variety of sounds he is strong at. I still feel Tucker has not reached his full potential, though. Some of the tracks could be more catchy. But King is already in that class of albums which you may call very good!


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