Omnium Gatherum – Slasher EP

Omnium Gatherum - Slasher



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very nice range of songs
  • Very good instrumental mastering
  • Nice vocals Cons

  • Just four songs

Some music for the metal-hearted listeners among you: Omnium Gatherum release their new melodic death metal EP on 2nd June 2023. The title is simply Slasher. I had a listen already before publication date and share my thoughts with you



Omnium Gatherum – About The Artists

The band Omnium Gatherum are from Finland, where they have been founded in 1996. Guitarist Markus Vanhala is one of the first members and the only founding member still active. While there have been some early demos in the late 1990’s already, the band majorly got more and more into the spotlight of the music industry in the 2000’s. The third (Stuck Here on Snake’s Way, 2007) and the fourth (The Redshift, 2008) album of the band made their initial appearances in the Finnish charts. In later year, the band grew their fan base and also conquered Central European markets and played festivals there.

The latest major release of the band, the album Origin (2021), was the first one to also appear in the German and Swiss charts. Apart from Vanhala, singer Jukka Pelkonen, who is part of the band since 2006, is likely the most well-known member of Omnium Gatherum. Their band mates are Nick Cordle (guitar), Erkki Silvennoinen (bass), drummer Tuomo Latvala and Aapo Koivisto on the keys.


Omnium Gatherum – Slasher – Track by Track

The four song EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Slasher

The title track is taking over the opening role of the four track EP. The song comes with nice, powerful guitar elements and a clear, rhythmic drive from drummer Latvala. The second vocalist singing Shadows in the dark leads to a surprising, but really really nice harmonic element.

2. Maniac

Okay, that’s a song anybody of you can sing along – maybe just not the way Jukka Pelkonen is doing. The Finnish-style cover version of the Sembello classic has been one of the two single releases so far. I feel interpreting the song rather dark is a nice way to look at it.

3. Sacred

Melodic death metal? Yeah, the Scandinavians come with a heart for good melodies – and Sacred is a beautiful proof. The song takes a hidden gem position in the album. To me, it is a really lovely and straight listen and a great way to digest some death metal grunting in a lighter style.

4. Lovelorn

The duet-style lyrics and the nice bass groove of Lovelorn turn the chucker-out into another really good listen. And then, there is also the chorus in which keyboarder Aapo Koivisto is able to showcase his contribution to a really good Omnium Gatherum listen.


Omnium Gatherum – Slasher – Spotify

Here is Slasher on Spotify:


Omnium Gatherum – Slasher – My View

There is only one thing I don’t like about Slasher: it is too short. The Finnish band just gives us four song. We deserve more than that. They deserve more than that. This EP is so good and thus still just makes into into the Top Pick! rating range.


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