Brett Kissel – Now or Never

Brett Kissel - Now or Never



3.8/5 Pros

  • Very solid recording, nice songs
  • Second duet with Christina Taylor
  • First major country album of the year Cons

  • Very short

The likely first major country music album release of the year 2020 is by Brett Kissel. The Canadian published his eighth album Now or Never right on New Year’s Day of 2020, because of which I completely missed it in my review planning and during my vacation in Abu Dhabi. Here is the – belated – review.


Brett Kissel – About The Artist

Brett Kissel was born in 1990 in Flat Lake, Alberta, Canada, where his parents operate a cattle ranch. He received his first guitar at the age of six. He recorded his first album at the amazing age of twelve years already. The album also contained two Johnny Cash covers. In 2013, he signed with Warner Music Canada and released his debut single, Started With A Song, in June 2013, when it became the most added Canadian country radio song in its first week. The album released later that year had the same title and peaked 22th in the Canadian country charts. The second Warner album, the 2015 Pick Me Up, was the most successful album and even made it to seventh place in his country. It included Airwaves, the most successful single by Kissel so far, which topped the Canadian charts. He had regular chart placements in the Canadian country charts thereafter.


Brett Kissel – Now or Never – Track by Track

With 26 minutes, the album is comparably short. It contains eight tracks.

1.  Drink About Me

The album starts with Drink About Me, which has been released as the first single of the album. A very nice song with a lot of good mood potential.

2. A Few Good Stories

A lot of country, a tiny bit of rocking and a lot of swinging – Brett Kissel is telling us one of his A Few Good Stories with that one. Two good starters of the eight course meal.

3. That’s Country Music

The ballad-alike That’s Country Music is a lovely praise to the genre. One of the best tracks of the album, definitely. By the way, it is the longest one as well.

4. Young Enough

Young Enough is one of the most powerful recordings on the album to me.

Let’s take a shot of something, feels reckless
‘Cause we still got a wild heart beatin’ out of our chest
Oh, while we still got fire racin’ through our blood
Let’s love the life we live, live the life we love

Really nice to listen to.

5. She Drives Me Crazy

Luckily, no Prince cover 🙂 A very catchy and straight-forward recording, which is especially nice to listen due to the long pronunciation of cra-a-a-a-a-a-…-zy 🙂 Nice one.

6. Hummingbird

Brett Kissel shows a softer side on Hummingbird. A lovely ballad with a lot of classic country sound.

7. I’m Not Him, I’m Not Her (feat. Christina Taylor)

I love Christina Taylor, I loved their her first collaboration with Kissel in As good as you look – and I just love this song. Great second duet between the two artists.

8. Coffee With Her

A very soft, minimalistic song, which I feel is a really lovely way to finish this selection of eight songs. Lovely country music ballad.


Brett Kissel – Now or Never – Spotify

The Spotify widget allows you to pre-listen to the album:


Brett Kissel – Now or Never – My View

If that is a hint how the country music year 2020 may be alike – I feel we might have a really good time together. Brett Kissel’s 2020 album might not be on the route to an all-time classic, but it is a very solid and good recording, which is fun to listen to. I absolutely like it – definitely not just because of the collaboration with Christina Taylor. Country Music Reviews

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