Laino & Broken Seeds – Sick To The Bone

Laino & Broken Seeds - Sick To The Bone



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very signature fusion of different music genres
  • Nice groove and good vocals Cons

  • Pretty solid, but not outstanding

Traveling enhances your cultural and mental horizon, for sure. In case of Laino & Broken Seeds, the head of the project had to travel from Italy to New York to define the right style for their music. Sick To the Bone is already the project’s second album. It has been released on 28th May 2021.


Laino & Broken Seeds – About The Artists

Laino & Broken Seeds is a project, which consists of Andrea Laino and his band Broken Seeds. Laino is the singer, songwriter and guitarist of the band, the Broken Seeds are Gaetano “Kaimano” Alfonsi (drums, percussions) and Salvatore “Messico” Lauriola (bass). Even though all band members are from Bologna, Italy, Laino had the idea for the musical style of the project in a blues bar on the Upper West Side in New York City. The style is a mixture of psychedelic rock and blues elements. After their debut EP, the first full duration release of the band was their 2017 album The Dust I Own. For the tracks, they partially used guest musicians.


Laino & Broken Seeds – Sick To The Bone – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 32 minutes.

1. Spells and Magic

Spells and Magic is definitely a good first track to the album. The track already illustrates the versatility of the band: there are elements of rock (with a psychedelic, but also alternative touch), a slight blues vibe – but some parts could even be taken from a country song. The song is driven by a fast rhythm and the catching vocals by Laino. Really nice.

2. Way Up Above

In the second song, Way Up Above, the blues touch is much more obvious and leads to a nice groove of the song. Is that really an Italian band? Hard to believe! Feels so much like some Sothern States blues rockers.

3. Sick to the Bone

The steel guitar give a lot of country music to the title track of the album. The guitars are howling like an oncoming training. Andrea Laino does not feel to be impressed by this musical atmosphere and calmly presents the story of the song. Incredibly special, incredibly cool. Love the song.

4. Lost Dead Island

The Laino & Broken Seeds trip to the Lost Dead Island feels surprisingly fleet-footed and enjoyable. Again, the instrumentalists creates a nice groove to support the story. The solo parts of this track are just enjoyable. Cool blues rock track.

5. Winanta

If I would have to put Winanta into a genre, I would likely call it an alternative country rock song. The track is dominated by 1970’s style distorted guitar riffs, which Turn the song into a very powerful, but also striking track of the album.

6. Sleepthinkers

If you are looking for a characteristic track of the album, a good start of the listen, I would likely go for Sleepthinkers. The song is dominantly a rock one – but it just cannot deny that the band has a lot of blues in their heart. Great guitar performance again.

7. Singin’ the Blues Around Booze

The title is not doing false promises – this song is definitely rather a vibe for blues lovers. cool bass and organ sounds and the soulful lead singer create a cool song. The guitarist do their share wherever needed.

8. Music Makes You High

The main theme is maybe a bit too present in this final track of the album – but apart from that, the closing track is a quite nice one. Does not really feel like a farewell – but unless you do not switch on the repeat function of your player, there won’t be a track after this one, I promise.


Laino & Broken Seeds – Sick To The Bone – Spotify

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Laino & Broken Seeds – Sick To The Bone – My View

I like listening to Sick To The Bone. The Italians play their style – and they do it with a lot of skill. The compositions and the productions are great – and of course you also feel the mastering done in the US. I unfortunately cannot spot really outstanding songs on the album. They are all solid, good… But finally there is no genius song. This still is sufficient for a really good, but not for an excellent ranking.


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