TracieLynn – More Than a Bad Habit EP

TracieLynn - More Than a Bad Habit



4.8/5 Pros

  • Powerful country-rock
  • Very entertaining songs
  • Some decent emotional moments as well

I am always excited when I run into new, interesting artists. Checking out the 18th August 2023 new releases, I ran into the debut EP of the female country artist TracieLynn. I loved the straight and rocking style of her songs in the eight track publication. Here is my review.


TracieLynn – About The Artist

TracieLynn is a Virginia-origin artist, who is a Nashville resident since 2019. Her popularity is steadily growing since then. Especially on TikTok, where the US-American has over 350k followers, she became extremely popular. She is releasing music since 2020, when she published her first single, Fat, Drunk & Pregnant. Her song Good Kind of Crazy has been stremed on Spotify almost a million times.


TracieLynn – More Than a Bad Habit – Track by Track

The eight song EP lasts 25 minutes.

1. Broadway Cowboy

The first song is already one of my favorites. Broadway Cowboy feels so much like modern country on the one hand, but it also made to party, to rock, to enjoy. While contemporary country is more and more moving towards pop music, it feels so good to have artists like TracieLynn who rather do it the rocking way. Love ti!

2. Ain’t Enough Whiskey

Okay, there just needs to be this combination of love and alcohol. We had that topic again and again, but the anger about being cheated mixed with the rocking style of TracieLynn turns the stereotypical theme into a great listen. The artist and her team chose the song as a single release – a sensible decision.

3. People Break Up – Remix

TracieLynn released this song in 2021 already. In her debut EP, the song pops up again in a very groovy and a bit of pop-ish version. Again, she simply knows how to catch you with her tunes. Very good one.

4. Faith In You

I wouldn’t name Faith In You a ballad, but it is a slow, thoughtful and deep song. After having the party song and the pop-alike remix, Faith In You works as a lovely contrast. This song also underlines that TracieLynn is much more than “the country rock party lady”. By that, it becomes an essential part of the EP.

5. Some Days I Do

Some Days I Do is not the most energetic and rocking song of the EP, but the record definitely heads back toward the style of its openers. One of my favorite vocal performances of More Than A Bad Habit, indeed. I like the changes between very gentle and rather rocking moments in here.

6. All Boys Do

It’s just what all boys do is the key topic of the sixth song. I could imagine that this one has a lot of potential among the female listeners. Guys, unfortunately, we can’t even really argue that TracieLynn is wrong in here.

7. All Goes South

This song has already made over 400k Spotify streams. Indeed, TracieLynn recorded a cool one. It comes with her typical, powerful sound, but also has a nice groove and a nice lead in some parts by the fiddle. Wise selection as a feature release.

8. More Than a Bad Habit

The title track takes the closing duty of the album. The song rather reminds me of classic rock songs than of country songs (even though it does have country sprinkles). The powerful voice and the guitar-driven melody lead to an amazing, fluent listen.


TracieLynn – More Than a Bad Habit – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


TracieLynn – More Than a Bad Habit – My View

I ran into this EP and I liked it from the very beginning. Now that I have listened to it a couple of times, I love it even more. It’s a cool, powerful, cheeky way to do country music. Great debut EP – let’s hope for more songs very soon!

Favorite Track: Broadway Cowboy


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