Songs Of The Week (week of 12 May 2023)

After the volume of songs in the last two weeks has been rather thin, this week’s Songs of the Week comes with a rather wider scope again. The list begins with an outstanding debut from Great Britain – but there a a quite nice range of songs this time again, including some really nice rockers.


Sekou – Better Man

Sekou is an artist who is originally from Ashby near Birmingham. Nowadays, the 18 year old artist is living in London. Hard to believe that the majestic Better Man is in fact is debut single. I absolutely love it!


Mätropolis – Mamm

Mätropolis is a female pop quartet from Cologne. This week, they were quite present in local media as one of their singers, Linda Teodosiu, has been selected to background Helene Fischer, one of the most successful female artists globally (even though Fischer is in fact just on stage in and around Germany). This Mother’s Day ballad is beautiful praise to family love.


Pretenders – Let The Sun Come In

Undoubtedly, Chrissie Hynde is one of the most iconic female rock music voices. Whenever you hear her singing, you know that it’s a Pretenders song. Like this new one. Bad luck that they solely tour the United Kingdom this time.


LORI – Russisches Roulette

Some generations of music artists later, there is the Berlin artist Lori. She already had a record deal, but just could not do the music she loved to do. Now she is doing “her” music – and I feel Russisches Roulette is a really cool, modern German pop song. Thumbs up!


Patricia Kelly & Luca Hänni – Not Everyone’s Darling

One of the first interesting releases this week was indeed this one. USIrish artist Patricia Kelly (member of the legendary Kelly Family) and Swiss former Eurovision contestant join forces and do a song about toxic relationshiips. One of the best listens this week, I feel.


Joshville – 1000 Sterne

Joshville from Siegburg near Bonn is definitely underrepresented on this website. The key reason is that his songs are typically just in the middle of schlager and country music. Thus, I decided to double-boost him this time: the radio edit of his song 1000 Sterne is represented in here, while the more boots-and-hats-alike Nashville Edit will be part of my country playlists.


Frank Wesemann – Lass es heute sein

The promotion platform I use names Lass es heute sein as a schlager. I would rather see it as a pop song, but that’s rather a matter of taste than any kind of rocket science. However, I don’t doubt at all that this song by the Northern German artist is a really good one. Hope you like it, too!


Phil Schaller – Julie

This weekend, I feature the debut EP Blessed by the former The Voice Kids contestant Rahel. Phil Schaller became well-known in the same TV format, A really nice pop song by the young artist, who is just 17 years old. Great song.


Staubkind – Bis ich wieder glauben kann

Bis ich wieder glauben kann is a great German rock song. Louis Manke, whose alter ego is Staubkind, is just about to release his seventh studio album this fall. Great chorus, powerful voice.


Stephanie Brill – Meer

With Meer (“Sea” or “Ocean”) by Stephanie Brill, there is another really cool German pop song with a deep rock heart in this week’s list of songs. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much more bio information about her.


Queens of the Stone Age – Emotion Sickness

I guess, I don’t need to give you too much bio about the US-American rock band Queens of the Stone Age. A new album, In Times New Roman…, is going to be released in June. The single release sounds promising.


LPT feat. Kurtenbach – Second Chance

LPT are a rock band from East Frisia. The modern rock / hard rock track Second Chance is such a blast of power and speed. Better don’t listen to it on your next road trip… You might receive a speeding ticket.


Casino Blackout x Xela Wie – Über/Leben

The Southern German band Casino Blackout collaborates with rapper Xela Wie for their latest single – the result is te very energetic and inspiring Über/Leben (which is a word mash-up of “About Life” and “survive”). Very good one!


The Warning – MORE

There are lot of cool and rocking tracks from Germany in my Songs of the Week this week. This alternative rocker is coming from a very different region, though. The sisters Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra, who are the band The Warning, are in fact from Mexico. They are currently on the North American leg of their Error World Tour 2023.


Hot Milk – Party on my Deathbed

Hot Milk are typically known as emo power-pop band. The duel-fronted act is is delivering another really smashing and catching track. Great music made in Manchester, United Kingdom.



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