Steel Panther – On The Prowl

Steel Panther - On The Prowl



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice rock/hard rock blend
  • You listen to Steel Panther? You get Steel Panther! Reliable...
  • Great sound for live concerts Cons

  • Lack of musical variety
  • Very similar lyrics

Their last album was simply called Heavy Metal Rules – now Steel Panther is back with a new album. On 24th February 2023, the glam metal band is releasing a new album, On The Prowl. Already the track list is clearly stating that this album is deserving the Explicit Lyrics sticker on the album cover. Here are my thoughts.


Steel Panther – About The Artists

Steel Panther is a glam metal band from Los Angeles. They have been founded as Metal Shop in 2000. After they initially rather did hair metal covers songs, in 2009 they released the first single as Steel Panther. Some more information about the band can be found in the Heavy Metal Rules review.


Steel Panther – On The Prowl – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)

The titles of the first two songs already lead into some direction. One thing I love about the song is that they replaced the p-word by a cat emoji on YouTube. The song is a straight forward hard rocker, with Russ Satchel Parrish having an intense work day on the guitar.

2. Friends With Benefits

You get a fur coat and a diamond
I get your stilettos on my nuts
You get a shopping spree in London
I get your turds inside my mouth

Okay, you just cannot that Steel Panther is going for a metaphoric kind of language – the California band is doing it strange. The first two songs are very similar: both are pushing for entertaining hard rock sound, the topic dealt with is similar… and even the duration of the tracks differs by just five seconds.

3. On Your Instagram

Why can’t you look like you do on your Instagram
The girl that I want to screw is on your Instagram
Such a beautiful filter
Like god himself had built her
Where’s the girl that I knew on your Instagram?

The third song is one of the tracks which made me smile most. Ain’t that a topic we all dealt with in recent past? The song is a nice rock track with a touch of a melancholic power ballad – definitely one of the highlights of the album.

4. Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is

After the first two songs and the nice balladesque intermission, the fourth song feels weaker. Not as power, not as frisky as the tracks before. A nice track, unfortunately not more.

5. 1987

The fifth song is playing it a bit slower again. The song has a nice, catching melody and has also been quite popular among the fans as a single release. I can relate to it.

6. Teleporter

Take me far away
I don’t want to be here anymore

The song has a nice drive. Ralph Michael Starr Saenz is also doing a nice work on the microphone. Nonetheless, the song does not get me as much as others on the album do.

7. Is My D**k Enough (feat. Dweezil Zappa)

For the seventh track, Steel Panther unite with a real music celebrity: Dweezil Zappa, the son of Frank Zappa. The topic is… you guess it, about the male struggle about his very own manhood, thoughts like But I’ve seen baby carrots with a lot more circumference. The song is nice, but it is unfortunately not as snappy as other Steel Panther ones.

8. Magical Vagina

Okay, we are not leaving the world of explicit lyrics in here, do we? 🙂 Maybe the most rocking praise to a female sexual organ ever produced. The song is definitely a treat on a Steel Panther concert after some beers, depending on your sexual preferences.

9. All That And More

The ninth song is a straight classic rocker. The Panther is out to do some fun – nice one with an especially energetic chorus.

10. One Pump Chump

The One Pump Chump is just a 2:17 minute listen. Bad luck, as the song has a nice rock’n’roll attitude and would have deserved some additional presence.

11. Pornstar

You could’ve been a pornstar
But you wound up with me

Not sure if that message is a good or bad thing… The song is one of the slower, melodic listens of the albums. However, I am again missing a bit of a catch. Nice guitar work, though.

12. Ain’t Dead Yet

The twelfth song is the only pure ballad on the album. There are just a few strumming and howling guitars and the voice of Michael Starr. Unfortunately, I feel he lacks some intensity in this track – the song simply feels less emotional than it should be.

13. Sleeping On The Rollaway

The closing song has some thumbing punk rock attitudes. A really nice way to finish off On The Prowl.


Steel Panther – On The Prowl – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Steel Panther – On The Prowl – My View

Hmm, that’s a rather one-sided view by Steel Panther… Or that’s just the way Steel Panther music is like. They are a bit of mono-thematic – and also on the melodic side, I would have longed for more variety. Fans will love it, the next tour will be fantastic, but the album just does not make it to the very top.


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