Danko Jones – Electric Sounds

Danko Jones - Electric Sounds



4.7/5 Pros

  • Straight, non-stop entertaining rock firework
  • Very good instrumental and vocal performance
  • Songs with a lot potential for upcoming tour

The Ontario hard rock band Danko Jones is almost looking back to three decades of stage appearance already. With Electric Sounds, the trio is releasing their eleventh studio album overall. I had a listen to the 15th September 2023 release.


Danko Jones – About The Artist

Danko Jones is a Canadian rock trio named after they band lead vocalist and guitarist Danko Jones, who is from Toronto. Like Jones himself, bassist John Calabrese is also a founding member of the act, while there have been some changes over time on the drums. Since 2013, Rich Knox is leading the rhythm section. The band has been founded in Jones’ home town in 1996 and started releasing albums in 2002. They debut was named Born a Lion. The band also managed to have some songs in the US and Canadian charts. The most popular song by the trio on Spotify is Had Enough from the 2010 Below The Belt album (roughly 28m streams). In 2022, the trio released a self-titled EP.. One year before, the released the album Power Trio.


Danko Jones – Electric Sounds – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 37 minutes

1. Guess Who’s Back

Guess who’s back?
Me, motherfucker
Take your best shot
‘Cause I don’t give a damn
And when you realize it
It’s gonna make you shake
I know you’re gonna deny it
It’s gonna feel great

Okay, there is some self-confidence – and even more kick-ass rock attitude already in the first words of this 2023 album. The song is a great less than three minute warm-up for the listener. Gonna feel great are the last words of Guess Who’s Back – and I wouldn’t doubt about that so far.

2. Good Time

Good Time is not having a straight rock firework, as the stanzas are a bit more on the softer side. The more, the trio fires the rock music rockets in the chorus. Danko Jones does rock music the straight way. The first two songs are definitely already a strong argument to buy a ticket for his upcoming European tour (see below).

3. Electric Sounds

Three of the four opening tracks have been used as single releases already – the only exception is the title song on the third position. Electric Sounds sounds a bit more grunge-alike and also gives some opportunity to John Calabrese to showcase the bass. Apart from that, the Canadians again show a straight rocker with a lot of spirit – you feel the joy they had in the studio.

4. Get High?

Do you wanna get high?
I’m talking higher than the big blue sky
Do you wanna get high?
I’m seeing stars when I look in your eyes

This track has a bit of an garage touch to me. The guitars are not as much in focus as in some of the songs before. However, that also strengthens the groove of the song. At the chorus latest, you sing along and move to the rhythm anyway.

5. Stiff Competition

You’re the definition of stiff competition – the fifth song is going for a rougher, more snotty sound. The chorus is short, which even increases the fact that you keep it in mind more easily. Overall, the fifth track has also some really nice instrumental passages.

6. She’s My Baby

High speed, stomping rhythm and Danko Jones almost screaming in the microphone in the verses gives a really special touch. However, nothing beats the chorus, which is made like a dialog. Almost a punk touch in here – and to me, the most fun listen on the album.

Who’s that girl who looks so good?
She’s my baby
Who’s that girl who looks so fine?
She’s my baby
Who’s that girl who looks so chic?
She’s my baby
Who’s that girl who’s so unique?
She’s my baby

7. Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye keeps on having a fast, thumbing rhythm. No chance to relax while listening to the Electric Sounds – again, the instrumental section is real gem of this song.

8. I Like It

The laid back, groovy rock sound of I Like It reminds me of some Z.Z. Top songs. The very versatile accentuation on the vocal side leads to a very entertaining sound as well. I don’t know what is it – but I like it. I couldn’t sum up my feelings while listening to the eighth song better than using its very own lyrics.

9. Let’s Make Out

With the pre-chorus vocal style being close to spoken words, the chorus surprises with a very melodic, stadium rock style sound. The guitar riffs driving the song feel just like a perfect match to this sound.

10. What Goes Around

We are getting towards the grand finale – thus, it is perfect time to wear yourself out another time. The fast, cheeky punk-ish What Goes Around is a great opportunity to do so. The gungy sound of Jones’ vocals is enjoyable as well.

11. Shake Your City

The last song of Electric Sounds is also giving its name to the upcoming tour. Definitely a great selection, as the album closes with a great song for the stage. I am sure that the fans will sing-a-long with their Canadian idols in a few months.


Danko Jones – Electric Sounds – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget once the album has been published.


Danko Jones – Electric Sounds – My View

I already really liked the Power Trio some two years ago – but Electric Sounds is even a bit of better to me. The Canadians are non-stop rocking. If you need a break you need to hit the pause button in this hard rock firework. Bu t be aware, there will be no pause button if you listen to these songs live on stage.

Favorite Song: She’s My Baby


Danko Jones – Shake Your City Tour 2024

The Canadians tour Europe towards the end of this year. They hit a lot of countries on the road:

Tu 14.11.2023 Helsinki (Finland) – Tavastia
Th 16.11.2023 Zwolle (Netherlands) – Hedon
Fr 17.11.2023 Luxembourg (Luxembourg) – Den Atelier
Sa 18.11.2023 Leuven (Belgium) – Het Depot
Su 19.11.2023 Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Melkweg
Tu 21.11.2023 Copenhagen (Denmark) – Pumpehuset
We 22.11.2023 Oslo (Norway) – Rockefeller
Th 23.11.2023 Gothenburg (Sweden) – Pustervik
Fr 24.11.2023 Stockholm – Debaser
Sa 25.11.2023 Malmö – Slagthuset
Mo 27.11.2023 Arnhem (Netherlands) – Luxor Live
Tu 28.11.2023 Cologne (Germany) – Carlswerk Victoria
We 29.11.2023 Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg
Th 30.11.2023 Hamburg – Große Freiheit 36
Fr 01.12.2023 Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal Sold out
Sa 02.12.2023 Leipzig – Täubchenthal
Su 03.12.2023 Porthcawl, Trecco Bay (United Kingdom) – Planet Rockstock
Tu 05.12.2023 Lindau (Germany) – Club Vaudeville
We 06.12.2023 Zurich (Switzerland) – Dynamo
Th 07.12.2023 Milan (Italy) – Legend Club
Fr 08.12.2023 Rubingen (Switzerland) – Mühle Hunziken
Sa 09.12.2023 Paris (France) – Backstage by The Mill
Su 10.12.2023 Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands) – Gebouw-T
Tu 12.12.2023 Bristol (United Kingdom) – Thekla
We 13.12.2023 Glasgow – King Tuts
Th 14.12.2023 Nottingham – Rescue Rooms
Fr 15.12.2023 Manchester – Rebellion
Sa 16.12.2023 London – Garage

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