Chase Matthew – We All Grow Up EP

Chase Matthew - We All Grow Up



4.1/5 Pros

  • Six very nice country songs
  • Nice range from modern sounds to ballads Cons

  • Rather strong similarities between certain songs

If you judge on the cover of the EP We All Grow Up, Chase Matthew seems to have done music from its very early years. The country music artist released this one, which is his sophomore EP, on 16th February 2024. A good opportunity to listen to his songs. Here is my review.


Chase Matthew – About The Artist

Chase Matthew is a 1997-born US-American country music artist. He turned into spotlight with social media uploads of unfinished songs and covers in 2018. However, his debut song Nashville Crazy has been released in April 2019. Since then, he had two major releases. His debut EP County Line has been released in July 2021. The title track went into the Top 10 of the US Country digital sale charts. A song from his 2022 album Born For ThisWe Had It Good was close to that as well.


Chase Matthew – We All Grow Up – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 17 minutes

1. We All Grow up

The rhythmic and groovy title track is opening the EP. The single had some 1.4 million streams on Spotify only so far – and I definitely feel it is well-deserved. Modern country track, which is having a characteristic touch coming from the steadily ticking rhythm in the background.

2. Darlin’

Why’s he call you darlin’?
Why’s he call you daily?
Why you tryna act like I’m just out here being crazy?
How’s he know your mama?
Does he drive your Mercedes?
You can say whatever baby what you wanna call it
But why’s he call you darlin’?
And if he’s just a friend then tell me whys he always calling?

Chase Matthew is showing the jealous side on this song. Or is there a reason to be skeptical about that friendship? The ticking rhythm is back in this second song, which feels rather similar to the title track. This also means that Darlin’ comes with the same nice groove as the opener.

3. Makin’ You Miss Me

While I spotted some similarities in the first two songs, Makin’ You Miss Me is more melodic and also has a nice, energetic singing style. Guitars play a stronger role in this song as well, which overall is a real nice listen on this EP to me – even though it does have a rather strong mainstream Nashville touch.

4. I Don’t Carolina

Cause I don’t Carolina
Stay away from that Outer Banks blue
I don’t think about you shining, lying
With your hair falling down in a Palmetto moon
That we kissed under
And I don’t wonder the way that I used to
I’ll head to Texas, Time Square, anywhere I won’t find ya
Cause I don’t Carolina

Breakups and unhappy love is the key topic of Chase Matthew’s release. This ballad with the rather untypical lyrics is the emotional highlight of it. The artist definitely also works well in the gentle music styles.

5. Small Town Shit

The third word of the title causes Spotify already to put up the Explicit Lyrics marker. The single release has a hip hop alike groove, especially in the stanzas. The small sing-a-long part at the end of the chorus stays in your mind. I am just getting a bit of tired of the drum computer.

6. Dirt Road Does

I am not sure whether a German lady would like the verse Cause girl you get me like a dirt road does, but I am sure it touches the North American heart much more intense. The second ballad of this EP is definitely another nice listen – and it somehow also leads to a pleasing finale regarding the topic


Chase Matthew – We All Grow Up – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Chase Matthew – We All Grow Up – My View

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to these six songs. However, there are some rather clear similarities, which are definitely rather bothering. Thus, We All Grow Up misses the top ratings, but I would definitely recommend daring a listen.

Favorite Song: I Don’t Carolina


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